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Well-Known Member
Jan 8, 2009
Lamoni, IA
if it is the entire poll including all the teams then I will say we are not ranked and are receiving votes.


Well-Known Member
Sep 11, 2009
La Fox, IL
I was surprised how much Oklahoma fell in the rankings due to their loss to Kansas State from last weekend. I didn’t realize it until the game last night that they were 18.

With that being said, I’ll say in the 20s.


Jan 3, 2015
Historically SEC teams don't drop that much after an intra-conference loss, let alone to a highly ranked team. ZERO chance ISU is ranked ahead of Auburn, LSU (who won), or possibly even Mississippi St. Even the perpetually overrated A&M will likely be ahead of us as they were thrashed by Alabama (when in the SEC that apparently doesn't matter in the eyes of the pollsters). I also think it's ludicrous he has KSU and ISU so close to OSU when OSU is the only team in the Big 12 that's done what they were supposed to do. At this juncture they are leaps and bounds better than anyone else in the conference (based on play)

I think 20-35 is defensible, based on quality of play and opponents. This isn't a slight on ULL but that loss was absolutely brutal, from the deflation of expections, losing to an OOC opponent at home, to playing downright wretched. Realistically, if AP is still ranking teams yet to play, I don't see us sneaking in. The Big 12 is terrible, has a poor reputation (this year deserved), and there were too many teams "ahead of us" for ISU to make it it. If we do I'd be surprised (I'd put us 24-28 right now personally).

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