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  • Hi Wes...I took my grandson to the Drake v Indiana St game last nite (drake won by 15)...and when they announced that Mo State was leading Creighton it was funny because the crowd didnt cheer boo or do anything. The crowd was more stunned than anything.

    Anyway have a great day in Omaha

    Hey Wes,
    I got the no huddle show taped and I am looking to get the hole thing tomorrow at 2:00 PM.
    Thanks for your assistance.
    Hi Wes

    Im listening to whb in kcity and its a minor meltdown ... the host sez he was looking for a coronation yesterday and NOT a basketball game.

    VCU and 11 seed beating a One Seed really helps ISU and their Hampton problem...

    The interesting part is that the jhawk nation looks down on all teams except the ones they hate which are Duke-North Carolina and thats justa bout it...so sez Kevin K !!!!

    KU guards have absolutely Sucked all year and they really got exposed by VCU's quickness and even with the help of the officials the Jay Squawks still could not win...

    Hope the weather is good in Omaha

    Aggie Bob
    There is no Rock Island Army Depot - it's the Rock Island Arsenal. And I don't know the guy you stated - there are over 7,000 people working on the Island.
    So I don't further derail a thread and i'm sure that most won't care, but i've heard the same rumors about Lee's recovery. That said, Bo this afternoon said that Lee is 100% and ready to go. I'm sure the truth lies somewere in between.
    Just wondering what YOu think about the Hoiberg hire...I was stunned and then thought about it for a little while ...

    Then I emailed Jamie Pollard and told him he had Balls as Big as Mine.....

    I agree with deace that Fred will be a great recruiter Ihope he grows into a Great Coach

    Take Care Wes
    That's too bad, otherwise I'd think about it. I can't enter FB season without CF. Thanks for sharing though
    Please post political threads in the political forum. This is the second I have moved in 5 minutes.

    Just let me back in now. Some of these people take this stuff way to seriously.
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