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  • Did you and your friend figure out how to go yet? Yes I have a facebook .I have 2 more people interested in going and really want to go bad ..Its not looking great for us ? ..I wish I could figure out how to get it really cheap!!!!
    Dont know if I am doing this right I answered you on my page ? It just says I have a mini van and drove to houston bowl ,but trying to figure it all out and wow hadnt realized it would be 5 days ...? You are welcome to ride with us if we go cause we would want others ..still have alot to figure out ...money wise and time wise ? wish new years eve was saturday that would help. lol keep looking in case I cant figure it out . I will try to find out quickly....:smile:
    He was there my red-shirt year. No, I don't keep in touch with him at all. I talk to guys that do and get updates that way.
    sorry to take so long to get back to you...just figured out this feature.

    Reggie McNeil, if I remember right, commented when he was a junior. They weren't looking for anyone and I wasn't close enough for Texas and they had a guy named Vince Young.

    Could have gone to baylor or tech but loved the recruiting visit to ISU and the people while I was there. Had a chance to play right away after the redshirt year as well.
    I know. I don't see what's offensive about it? If he can't find humor in it, he's got problems. We all need to be able to make fun of ourselves a little bit.
    No kidding. Isn't that hilarious? There are a few things on that list where I'm like, "oh my god...I'm SO that guy.">
    Yeah, but there pretty lucky also to have medical pot... Everyone can get a midical card if they really want one..
    I wouldn't go that far, but i've heard a few of my hawk friends suggest entering C-USA or mountain west or something.
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