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  • For as much as you have been on lately picking on Soulja or whatever I am surprised you have time to work. Did you find your piggy? Maybe it will disappear the next time I make a guest appearance to the office. :wideeyed: See you soon!
    I saw you called me a troll on HN. I backed you up because I believe you're in the right, JP is in the wrong. The people that don't get it are blind. It's bad business. I've always liked your posts bellz. Don't confuse me with a troll. I may have a distaste for ISU fans, but I don't like to throw crap against the wall for hatreds sake. Besides, I respect ISU fans for their devotion. Must be a Norwalk thing...:smile:
    Try some "Liebfraumilch"
    Germany's most exported wine, which is sweet, inexpensive, and generally looked down upon by connoisseurs. This wine's origins go back to the sixteenth or seventeenth century.

    I Love German Wine and Food - A Rheinhessen Liebfraumilch

    The wine should be drunk well chilled, and goes well with pungent cheese, apples, pears, and other crisp fruit. It tends to be drunk either before or after meals, but not during.
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