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    KU trails TCU

    Here is an incredible stat: in the two games between TCU and KU this year during the final 4:30 minutes, KU outscored TCU 22-13 - WITHOUT scoring a basket. In a tie game at TCU, they scored 13 points from the free throw line while TCU scored 9 points all off of baskets (0 FT). Tonight with...
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    I'm doing a podcast with Campbell tomorrow...

    1. With 3 Home losses this year, is there discussion with the NEZ project to find a way to get our student section closer and more involved similar to what Va Tech did when they expanded? It spoke volumes that when we had a choice to pick sides in OT against Iowa that we went to the side of...
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    ISU Pro Day

    If you look at the NFL Combine Results, our players really did a good job and the criticism that they were poor results doesn't hold up. Wiltz and Tribune's numbers would be upper half for CB's. Fett's #'s compare very favorably with Pat Elflein (1st Team All-American from Ohio St.); Jhaustain...
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    KU Police investigating report of teenage girl raped at KU’s McCarthy Hall

    As an attorney, I am well aware how the system works and the discussions that go on during these to manipulate time frames. Yes, it happens frequently and clearly did here. I am not saying it is unique to this case other than how the charges were brought to get it to a misdemeanor level which...
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    KU Police investigating report of teenage girl raped at KU’s McCarthy Hall

    Other than the fact this incident happened in early December according to the report and it has been known for at least 1 month as to who was involved. Which means in every normal situation, court date would have been in February/March. It is very convenient (and unusual) that the police...
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    BLUM: Deonte Burton, The Enigma

    For comparison sake, he reminds me of Elmer Robinson with his physical gifts and Lafester Rhodes in the way he isn't afraid to take any shot (good or bad) and when he is on, he can carry us.
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    Monte Morris -Unbelievable Stats

    Thanks. Fixed now. I was also going to include his assists+steals to turnover ratio (51/4) and screwed up the initial post.
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    Monte Morris -Unbelievable Stats

    I think that we are all so accustomed to Monte being Monte, that we truly don't appreciate the greatness he has shown in his time st ISU. However, his play in Big 12 conference play this season to date has been on another level. 18.33 ppg 6.17 apg 6 rpg 2.33 steals per game 0.67 turnovers per...
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    Students - actually make some noise instead of standing with your arms crossed

    I am probably one of the older members on this site and I do lead by example. If anyone wants to follow suit, I am in Section W and constantly cheering when we are on Defense despite how much it may annoy those around me (and I arrive the night before the game in the RV lots). My point is we...
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    Students - actually make some noise instead of standing with your arms crossed

    If we want to ever have a home field advantage, you need to make noise EVERY time our D is on the field and the other team crosses the 40 to the north side of the field. Your attendance is awesome, but we need to get you to believe like it is Hilton - and Hilton Magic is the fans bringing the...
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    MONDAY MUSINGS: Matt Campbell's greatest challenge

    I posted this in another thread but it is worth repeating as it is a glaring stat relative to these losses. I don't see this as "culture" or "Sweet Caroline" causing the losses. It is as simple as failing to keep doing what got us the leads in the first place. In quarters 1-3 of the past two...
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    Depth and focus

    I think people are reaching for an explanation (depth, mental, etc) when a much clearer reason is very evident. I will do my best to simplify - I really like our coaching staff but the last 2 weeks come down to this: in 6 quarters (1-3 of both games), we have scored 73 points with our running...
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    AP Ranks the Top 100 Football Programs of All Time

    The truly ridiculous part is the absence of the school that had the winningest coach of all-time, Grambling with Coach Eddie Robinson. That feat alone should put them in the top 25.
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    **** THESE REFS

    Re: THESE REFS It wasn't just the missed goaltend in that sequence, but the failure to call the travel on the bank shot 3 was just as bad. The officials have no one else to be looking at during that series. 5 point swing in 30 seconds. Ballgame - apology letter to follow. And by the way...
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    Why are we recruiting so many defensive backs?

    This is the main reason. We graduated 4 of our top 8 db's and 2 more (Trbune and Wiltz) graduate this year. In the past few years, we have lost several DBS that we recruited that would be on scholarship right now - Charles Rogers, TJ Mutcherson and Damian Lawry from our 2012 class, and Kamari...