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  • well hopefully i live thru surgery tomorrow -- have to say i am one nervous nellie -- more invasive this time
    I mentioned in an earlier post that I was assuming the SEC would keep with geography. And considering that they're other rumored targets are Virginia Tech and Florida State, I'd say that's what they'd like to do.
    Anything new with working at Nationwide? let me know. give me a call when you find out anything. Thanks Andy 515-979-6702
    Clones 85':

    Hey, how are things going? I was wondering if you could send me your profile picture of Cutler.......that's pretty good! If you could & would send it to: [email protected]

    I would REALLY appreciate it! Just let me know-

    Hope ISU can pull it out on Saturday!


    Sorry about that, I kind of thought I should delete it after I wrote it, but then my boss stopped by and I forgot. Thanks for saving me from me.
    you're the biggest fair weather fan on CF. Your fav teams are all the best and they're all from different cities. There's no way you have connections to all of them. You are pathetic.
    Just saying "expect" and "will be" are two different things. The kid will still have to perform or he "won't be."
    Hey, no worries. I just figured that as long as the filter catches it, it wasn't a problem.
    I hope you're right.

    Serious question: If I had just used 4 asterisks to create the thread title, as opposed to relying on the language filter, would anyone have known?
    He's good, but I would take Oglesby or Suarez (Depending if you count him w/ the Iowa class, since he lives here, and plays AAU, in the summer.) over him any day.
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