Spring provided some clarity but questions still exist

Discussion in 'Football' started by ChrisMWilliams, Apr 18, 2012.

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    i actually like this quote. You have a quarterback with game experience (winning big games) out on the field, knowing how to make plays and where to be.

    his receiver skill set might not be the best at this position, but his FB IQ seems to allow him the ability to finish/make a play. His size will create a good mismatch with a corner or linebacker depending on where he lines up. I like it. Make the other team worry about the possibility of a play maker out on the edges of the offense.

    Oh and kudos to Tiller... stepping up, owning and working at being a productive member of this team. *tips the hat*

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    I hope it works out for him, it looks like he has put a lot of effort into the position change and I hope it pays off with a productive season. It worked pretty well for Flynn.

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