Returning players next year


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Apr 13, 2006
yikes we are gutted everywhere, there should be zero expectations next year

I have too much respect for Matt Campbell, his staff and the underclassman on this roster to say "there should be zero expectations". I would say our over/under is 7.5 games and I am optimistic we can win 8 games. With so many returning senior players this season, the young guy's emergence was stunted. But I am confident the young guys honed their craft against some great players in practice every day.

Losing Brock & Breece is huge, but the Cyclone offense can be close to this year's production. We may see a different offense with more RPO from Dekkars and more downfield completions. The biggest key will be development of our young TE's and WR's. Our OL issues seem more about coaching staff.

On defense, I really like the young DB's- Purchase, Tampa, McDonald, King & Freyler. The key will be the front 6. My hope is we are more aggressive & disruptive up front. RUSHING 3 guys drives me crazy!!!! The building blocks are there on the DL with Lee and Singleton. The obvious key is development of DE's that can put pressure on the QB. At LB both Vaughn and Horne played well when they were on the field this season. Hopefully, a couple young guys can step up.


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Oct 24, 2009
Depends on the offensive line. If they aren't better. We won't be bowling. They are holding us back
D line too. Cant win in the margins, if you lose in the trenches.

I think we will be ok in secondary and skills on offense, but really worried about the lines.
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Jul 17, 2011
Cedar Falls
After what I’m seeing in basketball, nothing would surprise me.

We lose a ton of guys but like others have said we have had a lot of guys rotating so they should be ready to go and be full time players. Plus there isn’t film on the new guys so it will be difficult for opposing teams to identify tendencies early.

I'm concerned about generating a pass rush but the Petersen kid seems to be pretty good. Linebackers are experienced as is the secondary albeit in limited roles. We need to find corners ASAP.

Offensively I’d expect a little more qb involvement in the run game. Need some receivers to emerge or find transfers or jucos. Hopefully the line improves as well as a new tightends emerge.


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Oct 3, 2006
Apologies, this was done on a tablet. Too early too know what the coaches think. But here's a very rough idea. I think we need toossible hit the portal on WR and Corner if they don't have faith in what's on campus. We have a ton of each already, but no experience.

Qb Deckers, Bouman, Brecht
RB Brock, Warren, Sanders, Silas
WR Shaw, Noel, Scates, Jackson
TE Dean, Moore, Hannika
OL Hufford, Downing, Ramos, Simmons, Remsburg
DL Singleton, Lee, Peterson, Petersen, Gray etc
LB Vaughn , Horne, Mendeszoon?
DB Isheem, McDonald, Tampa, Purchase, Freyler, King, too many possibilities to name.
P/K Shackford, Nettles, Bittman? Who knows. Just naming names.

Mike Warren is back!