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Discussion in 'Football' started by Aclone, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Some people wonder about why I'm excited about this team. They talk about "Drinking the Koolaid", which, really, is drawn from the Jonestown massacre, having blind faith and just doing what you're told--and is intended to be dismissive. Not how I feel at all. I have good, rational and justifiable reasons for having reached my conclusions--and my general level of excitement.

    Frankly, I've been following Cyclone recruiting longer than I really care to admit. I've seen the faces come and go, I've seen potential made real, I've seen success, failures, and heartbreak--along with players who simply disappeared. And yes, I've followed recruiting on the national front as well, and just as long.

    So when I look at these Cyclone youngsters, I see something different. Not just "promise", not just "potential" for both of those are present as well. When I look at a great many of these player, I see faces. Cyclone faces. And I know what a change, and how long it's been, since I've seen those faces--and most certainly not all at the same time.

    Take Sedrick Johnson, for example. He is doubtless our best (and I'm not saying "most highly rated") offensive recruit since Jim Walden wheedled Troy Davis out of Miami. Maybe even better--though he'll hardly touch the ball as much. And in truth, Austen Arnaud might be our second best in that period. And he's still tussling with Phillip Bates.

    Who is another story, as well as reminiscent of another "face". I find myself suddenly, completely aware that the coaching staff seems to have taken great pains not to compare Phillip with another great Cyclone quarterback. Oh, the adjectives are there. You hear "One of the fastest on the team", and "great throwing on the run", but there isn't even a whisper of comparison with Seneca Wallace. Remember, Seneca made an art form of accuracy while on the run--at the same time I was hearing analysts in other college (and pro) games talking about how impossible it is to throw on the rollout. And I don't think that it's just because this staff didn't coach Seneca--or that Phillip is about twenty pounds heavier. They just don't want to put any extra pressure on the young man.

    Then we have another face, Keith Sims. He was probably the most athletic Cyclone lineman since I've been watching the team. And I haven't seen a whole lot of "athletic" in that time.. And yet I'm pretty sure I can put Hayworth Hicks, Scott Haughton (especially once those two are in shape), and maybe Kelechi Osemele and Trey Baysinger right up there with them. Ben Lamaak? I'll go back to Bruce Reimers and Karl Nelson for him. And maybe a couple of other youngsters on the squad, too.

    Of course, there are some who break the mold. I can't say we've ever had a tight end with Collin Frankin's size who runs nearly as well. I'd have to combine a couple of "faces" for that one. Like Andy Stensrud and, uh...well, you're on your own for that one. No way Andy ran that well.

    And of course, the "faces" don't end there. J.J. Bass reminds me of Blaise Bryant. A-Rob--I'm still working on that one. A little bit of Darren Davis--but faster. And of course, shades of pulling Troy Davis out of the talent hotbed of Florida, we have Bo Williams waiting in the wings. The list goes on and on.

    Oh, defense, you say? That's a little more difficult, since there have been some pretty good athletes on that side of the ball lately. But take the best Cyclone linebacker you have seen in the past thirty years. From, say, Dennis Gibson through Tyrone McKenzie (however momentarily) and Alvin Bowen. And Cameron Bell might beat them all. So unless you really want me to--don't get me started on the defense. :wink:

    So, "Drinking the Koolaid"? Blind faith in what I'm told? I don't think so.

    Just wait. Sit back and watch the past made future.
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    good post. I hope you're right. But for now, I'm more cautious. Losing to Kent St and UNI still haunts me.
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    Chizik has put together a couple of very solid recruiting classes that really addressed the needs of this team. Additionally, he has taken hold of the program already and made it his, running things his way, and he showed the ability to sell his systems and coach up the team last year. I think everyone has reason to be excited about this team and the future of ISU football.

    We'll begin to see how far we've come at 7pm tonight!
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    Nice post... Getting excited! Hey if the Cubs can finally do it, so can the 'Clones!
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    Aug 4, 2006

    Only 1:39, 3.5 hours until I am in Ames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. superdorf

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    I am excited to see what Bates can do when given the opportunity. Hopefully he will get more than just a little meaningful playing time tonight.
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    Oct 8, 2006
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    Honestly, I think solid may be an understatement. Solid in terms of talent up and down the line up and in terms of rating. I think he has had some outstanding recruiting classes considering the fact that he has had to sell hope. It is not easy to recruit to a 3-9 team and still bring in the athletes that he has. The man has done a tremendous job in recruiting athleticism. You can always teach an athlete a certain skill, it is nearly impossible to make a kid more athletic. I understand you can improve athletic movements, but for the most part, athleticism is god given.

    I hope down the line that we are comparing players to this current group.
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    I wasn't trying to judge Chizik's performance in recruiting, just the quality of the recruiting classes. As good as the classes are, I'd love to see us do even better in the future.

    Given our recent history, the fact he was even able to pull "solid" recruiting classes speaks volumes, and I fully expect recruiting to get even better under Chizik.
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    Ah crap. We're screwed. :wink:
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    And what exactly have the Cubs done besides overspend and underpeform. This year will end just like the last 99 for them.
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    Feb 6, 2008

    You're telling me that there's no need for me to drink the Chizik kool aid?

    Holy cow man, next thing you're gonna tell me is there isn't actually a space ship built for cyclone fans that will rise out of bergstrom.:wink:

    Good post, I hope your right.
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    Actually, you are both right. These are "solid" recruiting classes, and there certainly is more upside to be had--hopefully beginning immediately following a strong season this fall.

    But Coach Gene and his staff have done a very good job of identifyting players that are under the radar for some reason. Given, that's how Mac landed Reggie Hayward, and Walden Troy Davis, but Chizik and his staff are landing more of them. And in the right places, places we desperately needed help. You didn't think it was coincidence that we signed two kickers last February, did you?

    After all, the last two times Mac signed good high school kickers, both got hurt--and look at the consequences! And the offensive line? Chizik isn't selling a 3-9 team. He's selling playing time--on an up-and-coming team, under a great coaching staff! And there's still plenty of playing time to be had.

    And the cool thing is...we get to start seeing those players, those future Cyclone "faces"--in just a few hours. No KoolAid required.
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    Mar 23, 2006
    I love the excitement but before I start comparing the those guys to NFL draft picks and All-Americans, I think they maybe should play a down in a college football game.
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    Actually, I'll happily compare these linemen to Keith Sims when he first stepped onto campus as an unheralded, anonymous freshman from New Jersey, who just wanted to study engineering.

    That was the point. :wink:
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    I'm going to add a few new "faces".

    Ronnie Osborne. The Cyclone corner from (Pahokee?) Florida was listed at 5-10 175, and was a high school quarterback. Indeed, I was always awed that Ronnie was first team all state three times--and second team his freshman year. Lots and lots evocactive of Ronnie in fellow former Florida prep quarterback Leonard Johnson (5-10 179). Note that not only was Ronnie a teammate of John "Landshark" Arnaud, they were part of a unit that was one of the best in the country in pass defense.

    I'll also toss in another Cyclone "face", Deandre Jackson, seen in Ter'ran Benton, and Deandre's corner partner, Ellis Hobbs, reflected in Deandre's little bro, Devin McDowell. Sure, there's a long way to go for all of them, but as freshmen and sophomores, they have plenty of time.

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