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  • I’m not a guy that sends messages but I’m curious about this Cooley kid. How big of a get would that be for us?
    Staff has been watching him. Ranked 50th in latest Flo 2019 overall class. I think he is older. I say this because some ranking services had him as a senior this year. Not sure how Prep schools work. Defaulted to 6th at National Prep tourney, probably could have been 2nd to Beard. Lost in semi's 5-4 and was definitely injured. I think potential at a need weight
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    Can't think of anybody off hand. We have season tickets, but i will ask a couple people. Thanks for asking
    I have two tickets for the wrestling meet tonight I will not be using. Do you have anyone that would use them if I can get them transferred? I'm asking you before posting because I thought you might know someone.
    buf, is Nickerson "official?" If so I'm very excited about that hire. Any info you can share would be appreciated.
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