*** Official #13 IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***


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Jan 3, 2015
Osun, King, Kal, Grill and Holmes need to be out there until fouls dictate otherwise. BRE is terrible and Lipsey is playing atrocious right now. Otz is making some inexcusable lineup decisions down the stretch.
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Jan 4, 2014
Im not a sky is falling ***** about everything like some here.

But what I have noticed

We have a passing problem. We get a lot of passes stolen, not just in this game, and this has been something I have noticed this year and last. We need to clean up our passes.

Lipsey, either is a terrible shooter, or is scared to shoot. I realize it might be partly the plan, but jesus take a shot. He only takes layups. And they are leaving him WIDE open. He dumps the ball when he is wide open to someone in much worse position sometimes.

Otherwise, when we get flustered we really struggle, but really clean up the passing, and shooting, things would look a lot better.

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