Electric Lawnmowers - Pros and Cons


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Dec 17, 2008
Toro personal pace is the only mower I will buy. Not an electric yard tools fan. Stihl for everything else. My Stihl trimmer is almost 20 years old and starts right up llke its still brand new.


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Mar 2, 2013
Pine Ridge, SD
I have a Dewalt electric and it's perfect for the size of my yard. The battery won't do my entire yard though, but I don't mind taking a break for an hour or so while it charges.

That being said, to my knowledge an acre is a little smaller than a football field so I assume you are wanting a riding mower? There's no way an electric push mower would be able to handle that size of a yard.

I've seen electric riding mowers at Lowes before but have no experience with them so cant really give you much advice except to stay away from electric push mowers for that size yard.
Yup. An acre is approximately 75% of the everything in bounds including end zones. Or about 90 ish yards excluding the end zones.


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Aug 24, 2010
My neighbor just got one. It took him 2 days to mow his less than quarter acre lawn. He’s retired and bagged his clippings too if it counts.


Apr 20, 2006
Thanks for all the feedback, was very helpful. No maintenance was big for us, just not something I'm good at. We found an EGO 21" self propelled for $499 at Ace (on sale, $100 less than Lowe's). First time mowing it basically got the entire yard with one charge (would have been entire yard if not for talking about it to neighbors.)
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Sep 4, 2011
North Iowa
So we have a neighbor that decided to break out his mower before 7AM this morning, not an electric. I thought it was common knowledge that you don’t mow before 8 at the earliest on the weekend, I usually won’t start until at least 9. Are the electric mowers quiet enough to not wake up the neighborhood?
I do that if I dislike my neighbor. Mow slow and loud.


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Dec 17, 2013
I have a .25 acre lot. I am on my second cordless electric. My first I bought eight (?) years ago. It was a Kobalt 40 volt. At the time I needed a new mower as my old Craftsman was dying. It was an ok mower. Not great. Two years ago as those batteries were dying I bought a 60v Craftsman instead of investing in new batteries. I found it on clearance at Menards. I saved a couple hundred over the Ego, but if I would do it again I would go Ego (for one reason so I can sell my ice snow blower and get electric. Craftsman doesn't make an electric snow blower).

The cordless Craftsman cuts way better than the Kobalt but not as great as the old gas Craftsman. A neighbor has an Ego and his cuts so much better. At this point I really don't care though as I am not that picky about my lawn. If you are I suggest testing a few electrics first. The 60V Craftsman is the same mower as the new ice Craftsman mowers but with an electric motor, so the body and handles are sturdy steel and my old Kobalt was all plastic. My Craftsman is louder than my neighbor's Ego. All in all I am not completely unhappy with the Craftsman.

Spring is a difficult time for a cordless. The grass is so thick and grows fast that it just kills batteries but I get through the entire yard with a single battery. I bought another battery anyway and just mow twice a week (I walk a lot every day anyway so not a big deal. Truthfully, I though long and hard about buying a robot mower. I thought that would save me a lot of time and hassle but I didn't have $2500 to drop, and, again, I had walking to do anyway.). Once the heat of the summer settles in and the grass isn't as thick I can mow once a week and use little batteries. I also have an old Worx 18v cordless trimmer that's on my second battery. It would be nice to have products from a single company. Maybe Craftsman will step up.

In summary, if you go electric spend the money and get something good. Don't go cheap. Also, if you have an opportunity the more power the better. I see Kobalt now sells an 80v mower and that may help with some cutting issues I've experience. Also, I mow at the highest setting so that may be a reason too.


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Jul 21, 2021
My new 40V Kobalt cuts really well. It also has a steel deck. Perhaps they gotten better in the last 8 years.