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  • Saw your post. I'm selling a 2002 silver Chevy Monte Carlo SS, 170K miles. Rear defrost and passenger heated seat don't work, and trunk doesn't open with key fob or button inside. Otherwise damn good shape for being 16 years old. CD, leather interior, power seats, moon roof. I've been the only owner. KBB says it would be worth 2200. Let me know if you are interested in seeing it.
    I'm selling a 2004 VW Jetta TDI with 153K miles on it. This is a diesel, built before the emission law change that prompted the scandal. It' a stick, gets over 40 mpg combined, and has been my primary ride for 12 yrs. It has some surface rust, but is generally in good condition. Kelly BB says it's worth $1,000 in a trade, $2,800 in a private transaction. My bride got a new car, which means I get her old one.
    You betcha! The bus will be in lot D-2 this year. I guess we picked the right time to move the bus out of the grass lots. Come on over and say "hey!"
    I enjoyed both a lot. :) The smartazz reply made me laugh - I get it, the guy wants to make a little point. Nice job of trying to get him back near the topic.
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