Column about Hoiberg in the Lincoln Journal Star

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Mar 14, 2012
North Liberty
By rubbing millions of dollars on that terrible wound....
Right? Prohm makes 45k per week. I'm sure being able to afford vacations and homes all over the world can make up for being asked if you still have a job next year. Steve, has your boss told you that you will work for 2.4 million next year, or did he say he will give you 5 million dolllars to not work?

I went on a nice vacation once to Hawaii. Assuming taxes and his agent leave him with half of 5 million, he will be able to enjoy that same level of vacation for 8+ years straight. And that is assuming he sticks it all in a savings account making no interest.


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Jan 2, 2010
Fred came to ISU to try and build a winner to see if he could parlay that to get a shortcut shot at an NBA coaching gig.

If he'd have failed from the beginning, he'd have been ok with it, and probably could have gone back to the T-wolves and been fine. Once he succeeded however, he either had to maintain it (difficult given the recruiting needs of that style of play) or get out of town to a different job in college or the NBA. Because the only other option was to fail to meet his own standard he had set and be the golden boy who got himself fired after a (probably too long) decline. Imagine the **** show that would have been for JP! I'm sure they discussed that before Hoiberg ever took the job.

That was never going to happen. Once he proved himself Fred was ALWAYS leaving for the first credible opportunity, his brand as an ISU legend fully intact. Fred got exactly what he needed from coaching ISU, and ISU did too. It was a ton of fun but when it was over, it was OVER. The calculus is different now. A return to the sidelines as Cyclone coach will never happen and most people understand this.

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