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  • Also, I was given a 14 day ban at the end of January....but have no idea why. Anyway you could let me know what that was about.
    Chris Williams told me way back when (2015), that if I self-banned from the political board I could return after a few years. Complying with that, I self banned and recently....after several years...came back and posted very politely. Is there more that I need to do?
    Hi TykeClone, Could you elaborate on my banning? I would like to know more about why my posts where deleted. Is it generally unacceptable to insult another species? Thank you in advance.
    It's hard to read Mesa's posts here and not think he finds the murder of a young black man to be a good thing. -Al4State

    Just asking, did you give Al4State a "site warning" for THIS personal insult from the same thread?I certainly accept the one you gave me...are you also holding posters like Al4State to the same standard? I think that's a fair question.
    It had been literally years for me too... was amazed how good it looked in BlueRay! Also I had originally remembered it (like I think you had) as the androids being evil, but I was alot younger when I saw it, and I think the original cuts didn't really convey what Ridley Scott wanted. I thought it was hilarious that Harrison Ford apparently purposely did a crappy job on his narration because he thought it was dumb to add to the movie.
    Likewise. Love a good discussion. I can't state anything but my own personal views, though I believe many are outside the norm!
    Tyke, thanks for editing my post. I got a bit pissy. I actually went back to edit it myself and saw you had done so. I think I need to get away from politics for awhile.
    was there a sign-up for the new mafia game? In the transition to the new CF, I must have missed it. Oh well I guess I will have to catch the next one.
    Thank you! Albert Gore is a fraud and this whole global warming is his own economic stimulus program. Thanks, and I'll leave that thread alone.
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