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  • Big Dawg Williams ‏@UntamedBigDawg
    Before I die, I wanna meet the inventor of yoga pants and just shake his hand, and tell him how much I appreciate and value his work lol
    To expand on whether or not I am Cyber, I will say that I am independently crazy from cyber
    Haha I wasn't trying to *****. I just thought that it was hilarious that some Ute fan has more rep than a fellow clone thanks anyway!
    I clicked by credits as u suggested, but i still cant see anything for something like that. It brought up list of things to edit. Sorry if I'm a pain.
    How do I add favorite teams to my list? I dont see any place for that. Where it states your ID, how many credits, posts, etc, under names are their favorite teams. How do i add my favorite teams to my list?
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