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  • Considering most of us started out as Iowa fans? :biglaugh: (I grew up an Iowa fan, so I've seen both sides of it, especially over the last 15 years since I converted to Cyclone fan and the modicum of success I've seen over that time)

    Once again, it's an area where common Cyclone fan thinks that their **** doesn't stink - they rip Iowa fans for what they rip them for, but when it all boils down they're no different than them...
    If you had been around this site for the "fire Danny Mac" tirade a year before you joined and the sense of "entitlement" a lot of those arguing carried in their arguments, you might be of a different opinion.

    There certainly is a sense of "entitlement" when it comes to ISU athletics - our teams should win and win now and neither we nor the athletic department should have to spend an extra cent to do it.
    > pleaes post one more time to get off of 666 - kinda scary :) <

    No worries there, sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut (fingers off the keyboard)!

    Thank you for your note.
    YOU certainly didn't degrade anything - you're one of the good ones. :smile: I really appreciate that.
    Yeah sorry i couldnt make it, it looks like it might be a lil sloppy sunday, im EXCITED
    Oh, don't be ridiculous! I'm not trying to humiliate anyone at all, so grow some thicker skin. I'm just very, very tired of the unbridled arrogance I see from a lot of posters on here who think they know everything about everything. Don't ascribe any other motive to me besides occasionally playing the devil's advocate.
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