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  • Wow, it really is all about "you", isn't it?

    I'm not calling you classless because you don't hold the same view I do. A lot of posters don't. I'm calling you classless because you apparently take some sort of pride in kicking a kid while's he down (and by all accounts, Pomlee earned his dismissal). McD didn't have to say anything in the press release, he could have just said "Due to repeated violations of team policy, I have dismissed L.A. Pomlee from our team." Thankfully he has much more class than you apparently do, and class isn't measured by how much someone brags about being a donor.

    I really love guys like you who can dish out the trash talk but then get all sensitive and can't take it when someone calls them out on it.

    Maybe I can send you a whine and cheese basket with those chocolate chip cookies.
    what else was McD to say in the press release?? it's called the company line that is given in that situation. Why should I wish pomlee the best?? he did nothing for our basketball program and I don't care much for wasting scholarships on players whose desire to be here is in question and who blatantly defy team rules. my lack of "closeness" to or inside knowledge of the situation is completely irrelavent, and in no way does MCd's wishing him well obligate me to hold the same sentiment. the point I was making about being a donor is that I have done more for the university then pomlee has, however little that might be.

    I'm the one on the high horse, says the guy calling others classless for not holding the same view as him on a message board. well done!!

    I really like chocolate chip, when you get around to baking.
    looks like i'm not he first that you've called out based on nothing.

    "stay classy st8"???

    how about stay classy pomlee...

    if pomlee actually cared about being at <acronym title="Iowa State">ISU</acronym> he probably would have made an effort in order to not violate multiple team rules. but I (st8), a donor to the <acronym title="Iowa State">ISU</acronym> athletic department, and somone who does not want an individual who doesn;t respect himself or this university enough to follow team rules is the one who lacks class?? sorry for not following you logic but it appears that you're judging me for not wishing pomlee the best??? oh, you mean the player that did nothing for us on the court and only brought about negative press for being dismssed on the basis of multiple team violations, yes I see exactly why you were in the right to ridicule me for my opinion now :skeptical:
    "Oh, don't be ridiculous! I'm not trying to humiliate anyone at all, so grow some thicker skin. I'm just very, very tired of the unbridled arrogance I see from a lot of posters on here who think they know everything about everything."

    Stop assuming I am ridiculous, please. I went back over your posts this morning after I got your message and I would still post the same message and neg rep you because besides your third post on the board you had absolutely minimal to no content to your posts and they were dripping with sarcasm or telling people to eat crow. Let me remind you:

    "I'm not setting out here to be a smart***" - cussing on the board is enough for me to neg rep you.

    "Yeah, sure you could." - why even bother posting this?

    "I guess you have pretty high standards to call a team with 21 wins mediocre. I guess it must take at least 25 wins to be halfway decent for you, huh?" - there are many more constructive ways to get your point across without endlessly relying on sarcasm.

    "How DARE he have the audacity to take the advantage of a good situation by being in the right place at the right time!!!???!!! What a horrible, corrupt man he is!" - Again with the sarcasm and you provide no information to back your claims.

    I hope that you can understand the message I am trying to get across to you right now and that a little sarcasm is alright, but it gets old. Of your multiple posts on that thread which you started, I would only consider one a good post. And, that one is greatly overshadowed by the majority of sarcastic ones. Just because others act arrogant and sarcastic does not mean that you have to join them. I negative rep them, too, so I hope you don't feel offended by it.

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