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  • Ajk, So after I posted my message that McFarland wouldn't schedule me with Warme, I got a call back from them saying that he'd been down and told them to go ahead and get me in. Did you happen to have a hand in that?? If so, thanks!!
    Oh ok...thanks man. Its hard asking question on here that in any way look sketchy of the program.....yeah maybe its just too early for the big commits...thanks
    I know. Wasn't trying to single you out. There's just some people on here that beat that drum too often. I guess I'm just upset over the idea because I was one that was overwhelmed at the thought of him coming here.
    Ya, I've heard that too, but we just need to get through this year, and apparently he'll be here through this season at least.
    You Sir are not a loyal fan.... shame shame shame :jimlad:
    some people have big blinders on and I just dont get it
    stalker alert - i just realized i remember seeing your username/plates from somewhere, you were right in front of me with your state flags flying (of course) heading into Arrowhead. haha - that is all
    I take it you work for BA. I know a couple of people there. Who's the quality guy??
    I know it been awhile, but thanks for the rep points. I am just starting to figure out the website.
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