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  • Your username is shoptalk and your avatar is a guitar. Do you know a lot about guitars and amps? If so, I got some questions for you.
    Sorry I dropped the ball on the bull goring pic ... last week got crazy for me and then I totally spaced it.
    That I can definitely get done in the next few days. I got a good pic for [insert victim] LOL

    But I'm on the road right now and prolly won't get to it til tomorrow or Wednesday ... might take a shot late tonight, but I can't do paint shop worth a crap on my laptop
    I hope so. :smile:

    Keep up the good fight. I'd participate more but am trying to spend less time on these boards. Who knows though? I spent a lot of time on here about a week ago, for the first time in 5 or 10 years like an all day thing, and Iowa State not only got new basketball recruits during that time but a new coach a day or so later.

    Maybe I need to spend more time here. :biglaugh:
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