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    New purchase closing on Sept 10. 2.275%. Stupid Ridiculous.
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    Yellowstone - new TV "western"

    I'm already dreading the inevitable Rip/Beth split. Just picturing Rip's heart being yanked out of his chest.
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    Saw this BIG 10 Schedule this morning...

    Probably not a great sign for the Big Ten when their new commissioner totally mishandles the first big situation he's presented with. This thing doesn't have a playbook of course but how do you go from releasing a schedule to shut down in 5 days while not sharing any of the medical information?
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    MLB: 2020 Chicago Cubs Season Thread

    Cubs are flying home this afternoon. I'm guessing no games until Tuesday in Cleveland. St Louis is going to be lucky to get 45 in.
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    Only One NonCon Game

    I think if somehow UNI, NDSU, SDSU, Montana, Montana State, Central Arkansas, James Madison and Weber State could make something work for the fall, they'd do it but that's a TON of logistics in 22 days.
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    Only One NonCon Game

    The Missouri Valley Football Conference just said they're not playing this fall. The non-con game is Balls Tate. There's a reason Pollard signed that one.
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    NCAA FB Dominoes Continue to Fall

    The Big Sky is out. That drops the FCS below 50% participation and cancels the playoffs. There are a couple of leagues that are still thinking about playing but I can't imagine that happening. That also just took a bunch of games off FBS schedules too.
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    Dowling and Valley recruiting players From all over

    You can kind of point that way around every metro in Iowa right now and it's only going to get worse. CR/Marion--North Linn Iowa City--Clear Creek Amana and Solon Waterloo/CF--Dike-New Hartford (Denver and Jesup are coming) Dubuque--Western Dubuque (though they're 4A now) and Cascade
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    Only One NonCon Game

    Meh, Vermillion is 400+ miles away from Sturgis and has a population of around 10,000 without students, plus they aren't on any major highway. I don't think they're going to be affected by the rally.
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    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    She's not up until '22. She's got lots of time to be vindictive.
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    SEC conference only

    The P5 plus Notre Dame and BYU are going to use this to completely shut off playing Group of 5 and FCS going forward. They're getting to the full autonomy model and won't have to take any flack for it. It's a GREAT thing for the P5, I'm not sure it's a great thing for college football as a...
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    Ball state added to Schedule

    The TV money isn't changing and that's the vast majority of P5 revenue regardless of how many butts meet seats on Saturdays.
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    Iowa State 2020 Schedule Change

    It's not Iowa and Iowa State's job to fund UNI. UNI provides Iowa and Iowa State with a game at the same market price that they are paid to play elsewhere. If you're paying somebody to play anyway, why not keep it in state when chances are very good that you're going to sell more tickets for...
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    Iowa State 2020 Schedule Change

    So, you'd give up the revenue of a home game to not have to pay UNI? You realize that playing on the road and losing that gate costs probably 2 1/2 times what it costs to pay UNI, right? That's before we even talk about the six figure bill to get a team to that MAC school and house and feed...
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    Iowa State 2020 Schedule Change

    From everything I've heard, there's a VERY good chance that UNI plays in Ames Week Zero.