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  1. ScottyP
    ScottyP alarson
    I wanted to apologize for my doom and gloom comment in the virus thread. I am not trying to downplay the situation. My goal was to encourage others to stay positive in this difficult situation.
  2. ThatllDoCy
    ThatllDoCy BoxsterCy
    It was mentioned in the Corona Virus Help thread you may be in Minneapolis in need of help. I am going to plan a Target and Whole Foods trip tomorrow morning. If you need any help reach out, I am on the site often enough to notice.
  3. CyBlitz
    CyBlitz ChrisMWilliams
    I would also like to listen to podcast with different members of the staff especially lanning , kempt, strength coach, and new rb coach
  4. CyBlitz
    CyBlitz ChrisMWilliams
    Since football news is slow what about a breakdown of the last class? I would like to see that
  5. JBone84
    JBone84 rochclone
    If you're in Rochester, MN, just wanted to give you a shoutout, as that's where i am. Good to know other ISU alum in the area.
  6. oldman
    oldman cmjh10
    Just so I am clear, I am no longer Cirie, I'm just a regular innocvent?
  7. ThatllDoCy
    ThatllDoCy simply1
    Kudos on He Hate Me. Very Funny. Promised I wouldn't further it in the thread so here I am.
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  8. ThatllDoCy
    ThatllDoCy bawbie
    Bawbie, I am taking this here, because we are wasting space and time in the 2020 thread. I am respectfully asking you to stop responding to my posts. I am not a Sanders surrogate or operative. I would ignore you, but I cannot. So please, either put me on ignore if you can, or find a way to address me, not the Sanders Campaign. Thank you.
  9. dukeebear
    dukeebear KLP630
    INterested in Johnny's passes. Did you sell them yet?
  10. hoosman
    hoosman intrepid27
    I called the number listed. They said it was the wrong number.
  11. PSYclone22
    PSYclone22 oldman
    Check your Conversations - It's there.
  12. tyler24
    tyler24 cyclone4L
    I appreciate the thread you started regarding weight loss. I am in the process of improving areas of my life as well, health being one. If you want some helpful hints on building good habits, I recommend the book Atomic Habits.
  13. isu97
    isu97 rochclone
    Hello. Are the two tickets in section 232 still available?
  14. wintersmd
    wintersmd runningcyfan
    If you are still looking for someone to to make a shadow box for your wifes race medles, let me know. I am interested and have a few ideas. you can email me at I have made a few shadow boxes for veterans.

    1. runningcyfan
      I've been talking with someone about doing this. If he decides he doesn't want to do it I will let you know. Thanks!
      Feb 23, 2020
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  15. cyrocksmypants
    Most Popular CF Member
  16. cyfan4St8
    cyfan4St8 rochclone
    Do you still have the tickets for today ?
    1. rochclone
      Feb 15, 2020
  17. GoldRule
    GoldRule isutoad
    Are the tickets still for sale for the Texas game?
  18. clone11
    clone11 CloneFan4
    I agree
    1. CloneFan4
      Don't get me wrong I want it to be true. I have no inside knowledge on the situation or like the staff, but feel like they may deserve better than to look over their backs the rest of the season due to a message board rumor.
      Feb 13, 2020
  19. clone11
    clone11 IASTATE07
    There are, but I wish this dude didn't post it.
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    2. IASTATE07
      Not that Foster is make or break, but I think Matta would have a chance to keep him.
      Feb 13, 2020
    CYEATHAWK soccercy
    No problem. My daughters and a bunch of friends want to go. Maybe next time. Thanks again.