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  1. SayMyName
    CYVADER Thompsonclone
    Hey want to unblock me on twitter? @cy_vader not sure why I'm blocked I probably was a douche about something during a drunken stupor
  3. IA_Cyclone70
  4. JaCyn
    JaCyn wing59
    Welcome wing59. Noticed you rated some of my posts and were new. Im pretty new too and just wanted to say welcome.
  5. 19210
    19210 bawbie
    Never was I warned and how was I trolling?
  6. 19210
    19210 ChrisMWilliams
    If someone is going to be giving the the power to ban people or be a moderator they should either not post on the board, or be adult enough to take what they dish out. Moderators should have an open mind. Bawbie thinks it's Ok to call all trump supports racists, sexists, misogynists, but I say Hillary has a dirty mouth and I get banned. What's up with that?
  7. octaviouspoon
    octaviouspoon mpc4isu7
    We haven't seen you for over 7 years.
  8. octaviouspoon
  9. Cy4Patriots
    Go Patriots
  10. cyclonesurveyor
    cyclonesurveyor lttrevor
    we are a civil engineering firm looking for full time summer help for field inspection and survey work in Ankeny, if you're interested.
  11. trueclone2
    trueclone2 lttrevor
    Call or text me about summer work 515 290 9949
  12. JaCyn
    JaCyn FerShizzle
    I hope you can delete this if you want to. I think the electoral college is in place so less populated areas have a voice. Otherwise New York, California, Florida and Texes just as well choose a President.
  13. B_Funk_inthe_house
  14. JaCyn
    JaCyn UraMallas
    Thanks for the debate I learned a little about myself I do tend to veiw the large problems black and white while not the ones a lot closer to home. I'll think on it thanks again.
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  15. zimman18
  16. AndoverClone
    AndoverClone AdamJGray
    Wondering if your group walked to the game from hotel last night. Reachable? We do not have hotel yet and thinking of Hilton. Brother staying at doubletree that is all booked up.
    1. AdamJGray
      I believe a group did. Otherwise we had our bus pick everyone up after the game.
      Mar 17, 2017
  17. ethanwilson
  18. CloneRaider
    CloneRaider DollaDollaBill
    I am interested in 2 tickets
  19. cyhigh
    cyhigh rochclone
    Still have the section 115 tickets available? If so, how much?
  20. field33
    field33 cycfan1
    Are your 4 lowers still available for tonight?