PREDICTIONS: Iowa State vs. Texas Tech

WHAT: Iowa State (20-10, 9-8) vs. No. 8 Texas Tech (25-5, 13-4)
WHEN: Tomorrow, 1 p.m.
WHERE: Hilton Coliseum

Chris Williams: There is no reason at all why anybody should pick Iowa State here. It’s a matchup up two teams heading in opposite directions. One is trying to bust out of a tailspin, the other is literally playing for a Big 12 championship. Thing is, Tech is one of the best matchups for Iowa State in the Big 12. That gives me some hope on Senior Day…

Texas Tech 74, Iowa State 66

Rob Gray: I said on Thursday’s CF radio show I hope — HOPE — the Cyclones show some pride on senior night and pull themselves out of this dreadful tailspin. I don’t know if that’s possible against a Tech team that’s this good — but all I’ve got right now is that hope, with zero confidence behind it. Thus, I predict ISU will play reasonably well and much better on the defensive end, but simply doesn’t have the horses to beat the Red Raiders.

Texas Tech 76, Iowa State 71

Jared Stansbury: As much as I want to do it, I just can’t pick Iowa State to win this game. Texas Tech is playing some of its best basketball of the season and the Cyclones… well… aren’t. I could see a way for Iowa State to play spoiler in the Red Raiders’ Big 12 title pursuit, but I can’t predict it to happen.

Texas Tech 75, Iowa State 68

Brent Blum: Well if the last few days haven’t been full of self-reflection for the Cyclones, I’m not sure anything else will resonate. I think we see a better effort out of Iowa State and Hilton is the difference.

Iowa State 67, Texas Tech 66

Kevin Fitzpatrick: Sorry, folks – I can’t in good conscience pick Iowa State to win this one after the West Virginia debacle. I know the team wasn’t at full strength and that certainly played a factor, but something is definitely wrong with the Cyclones and Texas Tech will be looking for revenge for the game in Lubbock earlier this year.

Texas Tech 83, Iowa State 74

Kirk Haaland: Your guess is as good as mine, or any at this point. Texas Tech is playing their best basketball of the season and rolling while we all know that Iowa State hasn’t just hit a rough spot, instead they’ve fallen into a canyon. That is true both statistically, by what our eyes have seen, and by the apparent psyche of the team. However, I’m cursed with being an optimist and hoping that something will cause a change of direction.

If that change happens, if a win happens, can all be righted in time for tournament season?

Iowa State 73, Texas Tech 71