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WRESTLING: Iowa State lands two-time state qualifier

Per twitter, Brandon Tessau from Waukee High School has announced his commitment to wrestle for Iowa State.



Tessau placed second overall at 182 pounds in Class 3A at the Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament this year and was a state qualifier in 2017. He was also ranked No. 3 in his class by IAWrestle and The Predicament in February.

According to TrackWrestling‘s profile on Tessau his overall record is 48-16.

Jacqueline Cordova


Jacqueline is a fifth year at Iowa State University and is studying Journalism. Not only is Jacqueline the beat reporter for Iowa State wrestling but also does social media things, get's to hangout with Kaci, the Director of Sales and help with projects. She's also currently a game day PR intern with the Minnesota Vikings. Jacqueline takes great pleasure in reading, watching trash reality TV shows when she isn't watching sports or indulging in her newly found love for the NBA.

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