WILLIAMS: The main reason you should donate to CF’s Patreon page…

Yesterday, our team at Cyclone Fanatic produced nine original pieces of content on one Monday. That was literally on the first day of football season.

Since I announced the opening of our Patreon page this spring, 263 of you (we thank you so much for this) have stepped forward to donate to the cause. What is our cause exactly? It’s pretty simple. Give what you can/want and in return, we promise to build a better site for you and tirelessly cover the Cyclones unlike anybody else.

Since then, we have used those funds to make costly improvements to our server and catch up on other technological upgrades.

Now that the season is upon us, it’s time for more fun stuff.

I’m excited to let you know that the Patreon funds have allowed us to bring the always-witty Kevin Fitzpatrick to our team. You will read his pieces and hear him on podcasts weekly.

Along with co-hosting our Thursday night radio show with me, our wordsmith Brent Blum will publish his annual “hype column” later this week.

You guys are going to love a brand new contributor, Jay Jordan, who has various experience when it comes to scouting the game of football. If you are into X’s and O’s, his weekly piece will be a “can’t miss” on Sunday afternoons during the season.

Oh yeah … the brains of this operation, Kirk Haaland, will be back with his analytical look at things as well.

The great Jeff Woody will be around weekly on CFTV-Live along with the pregame show as well.

Of course, the grizzled Rob Gray and very tall Jared Stansbury are always around doing their thing.

We pay our writers. It’s important to me that we do so. If they feel like they are getting something out of this then their work will be better for you – the Cyclone Fanatic.

So yeah, today, I am asking for more support. There are around 20,000 of you who log onto CF and enjoy our free content every day. In a tough digital climate, the more donations we get means the better content we can produce for you. It’s that simple.