Who's On Pollard's Short List?


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Oct 16, 2018
The list has been posted already: Matt Campbell.

Pollard has been here 18 years, so there’s ample evidence that he errs on the side of caution when it comes to firing coaches (not named Wayne Morgan). I think we’d need at LEAST back-to-back trainwreck seasons - like, every game a 2022 TCU - before Pollard would consider making a move.

What jobs are available right now that would entice Campbell? Which ones would consider him as a candidate? Maybe he’s ready to make the NFL jump, but I don’t see any indication that he’s ready to get out of Ames.

So this thread is a fun(?) exercise to keep us occupied until the meltdown at the start of conference play in basketball, but I’m guessing Pollard has put less thought into the replacement list than I put into this post.
I vaguely recall an interview with Pollard several years ago stating that as a new AD he thought if the team didn't win, replace the coach, and the team will win. I think that was in reference to firing Dan McCarney. I think Pollard realizes that there are no guarantees when hiring a coach. My guess is that as long as there is hope for the next season, a coach will be retained. I think firing Prohm was not an easy decision for Pollard, but it really felt like there was no hope for things to improve with MBB.
Campbell will be the head football coach at Iowa State until either he leaves, or the program becomes hopeless.
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Apr 11, 2006
Alex Golesh
Willie Fritz
Tim Albin
Jim Leonhard

The Oregon State coach or the Washington State coach would be interesting to me. They are out of the power 5 at this point.

Number one on the list should be Alex Golesh

ISU wont release Campbell but if it happened, I would look at the HC at Idaho.
He has an excellent offensive mind.

The other coach I would look

Levar Woods

For that reason, if Jamie has a list, maybe the following guys are on it:
  • Jon Heacock
  • Jake Dickert - WSU HC
  • Andy Kotelnicki - KU OC
  • Ryan Grubb - UW OC
  • Levar Woods - IA ST

Still waiting to see who the candidates are. Anyone?
Here you go - must have missed these….
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Oct 9, 2006
Marion, IA
I already miss round robin play. But the nice thing about a 16 team conference is most years you will probably only play 1 or 2 really good teams and get to play 2 or 3 bad teams.


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Nov 5, 2010
Need to bring back rep
I feel if I were a buckeye fan, I would maybe want Urban Meyer over Ryan Day right now. Yes I know he's an A hole and been kinda banished from the NFL. But the guy is a top 5 college coach all time.

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