The sky is falling- another warming article

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    "You can never say with any one storm, 'We caused that,'" Schneider says. "But you can also never say with any one storm, 'We did not cause that.'"

    Wow. That's all I can say. That there is some serious scientific stuff.

    How global warming could cost you - MSN Money
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    Since all storms are natural phenomena, I can say with 100% certainty that I am not responsible for anything that nature throws my way. However, that butterfly that likes to flap its wings in Thailand - it must die!!! :wink:
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    Doesn't Earth go through regular warming and cooling periods as it is?
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    No, there has never been cooler or warmer times in the earth history. It is always the same. There has never been an ice age, never a warmer period.
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    We had a mini ice again the 1400s. Stopped the Vikings cold on their expansion. Greenland was not so green.

    Just plant more trees in South America where the pampas are to handle the carbon dioxide increase. Their land mass is not large enough to offset the Northern Hemisphere.
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    Oh man, they got to Brian! I guess now they have a consensus:sad:
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    Thought that I would tie-in an article on coal here since coal is the mother of global warming.

    Higher oil prices means that coal is becoming a more attractive alternative.

    A ton of U.S. coal is so cheap at about $47 that European utilities will pay $50 to ship it across the Atlantic, according to Galbraith's Ltd., a 263-year-old London shipbroker. While oil and coal cost the same as recently as 1998, West Texas Intermediate crude is five times more expensive after climbing to a record $96.24 on Nov. 1.

    More than 1,000 coal-fed power plants will be built in the next five years, mostly in China and India, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

    However proposed U.S. coal plants are not being completed because of regulatory and environmental opposition.

    Coal producers in the U.S. say sales in emerging markets are rising.

    U.S. coal exports have increased 37 percent this year and will continue to climb because of record global demand and a weaker dollar, analysts and executives say.

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