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Discussion in 'Football' started by SundanceKid, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. SundanceKid

    SundanceKid New Member

    Oct 9, 2012
    I just want to say that I had the crap scared of me today, and I didn't enjoy it initially at all. Although, I am very pleased with the outcome. *phew*

    The crowd was hella loud today. I expected to read the ref thread and see a lot of ******** about them costing you the game. I didn't see much and that made me smile. I honestly believe the refs did favor KSU in the game. I do not, however, think the refs gift wrapped a td for us like they did for ISU (which was noted in that thread). I thought that once a pass was tipped, DBs had free rain to PI? Even the PI without the tip was still very questionable.

    I know this may come across as a back handed compliment, and it may be. I feel like ISU, in my lifetime, feels the way about KSU that KSU feels about the national stage. Always trying to get over that hump, and usually not succeeding. I can relate to your sentiments. I think your defense is very good. I think you guys will scare the **** out of the rest of the teams you play, if not beat them. I hope you guys have a season you are proud of and feel good about.

    Also, what do you guys think KSU's chances are at running the table? Winning the Big 12? Beating WVU next week?

    TIA, I'll listen off air.
  2. SundanceKid

    SundanceKid New Member

    Oct 9, 2012
    Also, I thought it funny, and mentioned in the broadcast, something I didn't think about. This group of seniors had never played in Ames before.
  3. cyclonedave25

    cyclonedave25 Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2007
    Sports Performance Coach
    Chicago, IL
    I think KSU beats WVU next week, and fairly easily if WVU can't figure out its defense. I don't see how they can slow down Klein.
    I think KSU's chances at running the table are fairly good, considering you've already beaten OU. Although, your game against Tech might be interesting. They seem like the real deal, as well.
    And at this point, the Big 12 championship is KSU's to lose, obviously since you're the only undefeated team left.
  4. demoncore1031

    demoncore1031 Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2008
    good post. considering ISU has one of the best defenses in the conference, and klein still was unstoppable for most of the game, i think KSU will win the conference as long as klein stays healthy. not to sound like a **** or anything, but if klein goes down then you guys are not gonna win many games. k-state is one of the only teams in the big 12 that i dont mind, so it's cool to see you guys having such a great season. today you guys showed that you are very well coached and disciplined. i know 9 penalties is alot for k-state, but only 1 turnover against us, and we are known for forcing turnovers. your plan of attack and execution were pretty much flawless. f-it, i say klein for heisman!
  5. SundanceKid

    SundanceKid New Member

    Oct 9, 2012
    I know that if Klein goes down we are effed for our biggest of hopes. I do believe that Sams could come in and be a better runner than CK. Decision making? Passing? They would pale in comparison. I still think we could do well, go 10-2 if Klein got hurt. He is smarter this year though. He doesn't take the big hits, goes out of bounds, etc. I think he can stay healthy.

    I am very glad that KSU won, like very very very very very very glad. I was on edge all game, worrying, and every good play or result let to huge exclamations.

    I do wish you guys well. I'm not sure what you, as fans, expect from the season, but I hope it is achieved. Land grant ag schools fo eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. demoncore1031

    demoncore1031 Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2008
    normally, we are just happy to make a bowl game. but this year we expect a little more. we have the best LB duo in the nation. our D all around is really good. the offense isnt quite clicking yet, but i'm confident that it will pick up and then we will be able to beat any of the remaining teams on our schedule. i think alot of us were wanting 8+ wins this year
  7. BBHMagic

    BBHMagic Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2009
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    From the beginning of the season K-State has been my pick to win the conference. They're one of those teams that are SO ridiculously consistent and just win games. I just don't see them losing.

    It might seem odd but I think TCU might be the scariest game for them. K-State's offense stays on the field so long that it keeps all the potent offenses in the Big XII somewhat neutralized. I think TCU's defense and a dual threat quarterback like Boykin will be a tough match up. Its also on the road.
  8. iowa_wildcat

    iowa_wildcat Well-Known Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    I want to thank all the Cyclone fans for being good hosts yesterday. The hiway patrol was even very helpful. I was treated very, very well. Your crowd was loud and proud. Go Cyclones and thanks again!
  9. EYEoftheSTORM

    EYEoftheSTORM Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2009
    Ames, Iowa
    I do agree with what this K State fan is saying. However, I still want to kick your *** every time we go out on th e field. This truly is a rivalry and I believe we need a trophy for it (The Corn and Wheat Basket?). I also believe our offense will start getting some more consistency in our next 2 weeks while playing 2 of the XII's lackluster offenses in OSU and Baylor the next 2 weeks. I know our D will do their part. I just want the O to do theirs
  10. cyclonepower

    cyclonepower Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2006
    It's not a rivalry until we start beating them every once in a while
  11. huntt26

    huntt26 Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2006
    Instructional Technology
    po' dUnk
    I don't think KSU will run the table, but will win the Big XII
  12. isuno1fan

    isuno1fan Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2006
    Clive, Iowa
    KSU won't run the table. They will lose 1 or 2. I also think TCU and Tech are the two scariest games for KSU. You should handle WVU and UT IMO.
  13. TXCyclones

    TXCyclones Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2011
    Nice post. KSU will continue to do well. TTech will be tough. You've got a real shot at running the table but I see 2 losses. Regardless of what I see have a great season! And you'd better give next seasons QB some playing time, because you've got trouble after Klein is gone.
  14. scyclonekid

    scyclonekid Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2008
    Your team has Tebow Jr. aka Collin Klein. Tough as hell player with not the best throwing motion, but gets the job done and limits turnovers to a minimum. I think its KSU's to lose as in my opinion the most consistent team on both sides of the ball unless Klein gets injured. I hope you KSU fans feel lucky to escape Jack Trice with a victory it felt good to not travel to KC for this game as I think it should be played on our home fields instead.
  15. justcynn

    justcynn Well-Known Member

    Sep 28, 2009
    Cabot, AR
    Agree from what we have seen thus far that Tech and TCU have the best chance to compete with KSU. Some of the high octane offenses could make for close games vs KSU though, consider Iowa State scored 3 Tds on 3 decent drives with what most of us consider an underwhelming Offense with only 19 minutes TOP. WVU looked terrible against Tech but I think next week's game could be more interesting than most think. WVU will score, KSU will try to control the clock, KSU with Snyder and Klein will won the close games though. Give me KSU and OU at the top with one loss apiece, Pollsters probably have OU ahead of Kstate by then and it will be unfortunate becuase your team won in Norman
  16. chuckd4735

    chuckd4735 Well-Known Member

    Mar 29, 2006
    WV is going to be looking to respond next weekend. I'll be pulling for KSU, but I think WV will win. I think KSU wins the conference by winning that OU game, but I dont think you guys run the table.
  17. Rogue52

    Rogue52 Well-Known Member

    Oct 20, 2006
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    A two loss team is going to win the Big 12. It may be K-State. We will see.
  18. CTTB78

    CTTB78 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2006
    I think WV will rebound next week at home and win by 14. A good QB can expose KSU's weakness and throw the ball. We obviously did not have the guy that could do that and we still took the game late into the 4th quarter.

    My bet is that OU wins the title.
  19. Cydkar

    Cydkar Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2006
    If KSU doesn't get behind by two scores they can beat anybody. If you guys get behind the methodical game plan will be hard to follow and all bets are off. Beating OU has gotten damn impressive.
  20. CycloneErik

    CycloneErik Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2008
    Grad Student
    Your team drives me crazy, but I enjoy watching them torture other teams. We are very much sister schools in that perception problem.

    I think you can run it, but you know how tough that is. WVU doesn't play defense, and that bodes poorly for them. Good luck!

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