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  1. Don't know how many of you have tried to use your PS3 this morning but if you haven't you may be in for a surprise if you own one of the older non-slim models...

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    Looks like there is some kind of date problem with the older PS3s having to do with leap year. After reading about this on a Cubs board I wandered downstairs to see if mine was affected and it was. Can't log onto the network. I didn't try to play anything but I heard you also can't start games up either. This may be a huge mess because as one of the articles above points out, even if Sony releases a patch we can't log onto the network so we can't download it. They may have to make it available via a pen drive or some other way. Good job Sony...
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    Did Y2K not teach us anything? Fail Sony. Fail.
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    My buddy's ps3 would not allow me to play my fifa 10 game, it was the first that it was ever put in his system (the problem was saying it couldnt load trophies or something so the game quit), but all other games had worked fine last night/evening. I have yet to try my ps3 since it's still back home. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.
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