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    I know that Klenakis has a somewhat different approach to blocking than we are used to, but I don't actually know what those difference are. I've heard Ben Bruns talk about it in generalities, but I'm not a football aficionado, so it didn't really sink in. Googling just brings up hype and coachspeak articles without much detail. Can anyone help further my education on this topic?

    1. what is the fundamental difference between our blocking scheme and a more "traditional" scheme?
    2. is it easier/harder to learn?
    3. does it require a different type of player (or is it better suited for a specific type of player)?
    4. what other teams are using this scheme?
    5. what does it allow your offense to do (or do better)?
    6. what does it give up (make harder to do)?
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    We have a scheme?

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