ISU vs North Carolina A&T @ 7:00 PM Game Day Thread

Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by cyrevkah, Nov 20, 2012.

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    I actually received a personal response today when I asked if they would ever get the feeds to work better for the LG Smart TV browser. It works, but not perfect. Their response made me laugh...

    Thanks for writing in. First of all, does not have the resources to design around a Smart TV. The fact that some Smart TV's even allow our video to stream to work is a minor miracle. Our video is flash-based, meaning it requires a ton of processing power that only computers can handle.

    It's hard to develop a Smart TV app, because every TV is different, LG, Sony, etc. Companies like Google, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu (which are hundreds of millions of dollars at their backing are able to do it), Iowa State simply does not have those resources. Neither does any athletics department in the country. Until smart TV's put processors in like computers, or we have the resources to move from flash to HTML5 for streaming, smart TV support is a ways away.

    Right now, the preferred method of viewing full screen on a TV is CPU-to-TV via HDMI, iPad to AppleTV via AirPlay and GoogleTV with the full Chrome browser.

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    A couple notes from the box score:

    We out-rebounded Campbell by 2, Cincy outrebounded them by 22.

    It looks like it was a physical game too, Cincy induced 25 fouls by Campbell, fouling out 3 players.

    Cincy is also shooting around 50% from the FT line for the season, although they get there a ton.
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    To be fair here, a number of the rebounds Campbell got on us were extremely lucky. A few were downright flukes.

    Cincinnati is a good team though. It's going to be a tough game on Friday.
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    Yes, Cinci based on early indications would definitely be a top half team in the B12, and maybe higher. Not that polls mean that much right now, but they are ranked very similar to Baylor and Okie State, so we will have our hands full.

    It's a neutral court, so anything is possible. I'm glad we're not going to their place.
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    I thought Gibson looked better tonight than he did against Campbell. We need him to rebound. Booker and Gibson need to focus on the paint. I don't think we need Booker shooting 3's only if they really lay off him. Those guys need to bang underneath. They need to work for offensive boards the way Ejim does. If they did that, we would be in business. Niang does well on the offensive boards.
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    When Cyclone tv was on the fritz tonight, I watched the last part of the Cincy/Campbell game on ESPN3. Cincy's bigs are not much really. Tonight, they were getting into foul problems and they don't seem to score much. They did manage to alter a few shots and block a few.

    Their guards though are pretty impressive. I think Killpatrick is their best guard, but his shooting was really off tonight. The other two......Parker and Wright I think.....are pretty good though. All 3 are athletic and pretty fast. I thought Wright was really good on defense too.

    I think ISU can win, but they have to pick up their game. It will be a workout for the guards, but I think Booker, Melvin, Niang, Clyburn, and even Gibson can do some real damage inside. It should be fun to watch.
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    Mitten I want to apoligize for cracking on you earlier for your assessment of North Carolina A&T. While the aggies were horrible, my remarks were out of line. You provide good insight and opinions of my beloved Cyclones!!

    Take care-


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