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  • Please do me a favor and control people on your site directly calling people names. I dont care if people dont see miley to eye on things but there is absolutely no need to call someone a moron..
    Please use the report function to report posts that you believe violate the site rules
    You were one of the worst posters as far as politics goes in that thread
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    Please follow the rules as laid out by the moderators. If you wish to discuss the topic further, please use the thread in the Politics forum
    Why are my posts getting deleted, they are no more political than yours?
    I'm not sure which posts you are referring to. I removed a number of back-and-forth posts regarding the governor's election in 2022. If you quoted a deleted post, your post would be removed as well
    Bawbie, I am taking this here, because we are wasting space and time in the 2020 thread. I am respectfully asking you to stop responding to my posts. I am not a Sanders surrogate or operative. I would ignore you, but I cannot. So please, either put me on ignore if you can, or find a way to address me, not the Sanders Campaign. Thank you.
    Honest question - and i don't know if you were the one who deleted my post. But look at the nasty, personal abuse heaped upon posters in the cave. How is the tern "ahole" crossing the line?

    I mean, if "Ahole" is too far, I accept it. I should do better. I will try to remember. But just look at what people do in there...
    I won't post it in the main thread so I don't rile them up again, but I agree with you on the whole cheating spouse thing. I'm sure it feels like you're taking crazy pills when dealing with those people so I figured you might want to know that someone agrees with you.
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