ISU and LBolineperformance teaming up.

Discussion in 'Football' started by Hayes30, Mar 8, 2017.

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    I suspect it's a way to get closer to year-round coaching without actually exceeding the limits of coach/player interaction. I don't know what the NCAA's rules are for off-season coaching contact.

    Edit: Here are the NCAA regulations on off-season coach/player interaction. It looks like players are not restricted from getting outside coaching so long as it's voluntary and the independent coach does not report attendance to the university coaches.
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    It's a way for us to make sure we are keeping up with the times compared to other power 5 programs. It's also a way for our coaches to get an outsiders view on what they see at practice, and how that relates to NFL success, college, etc. It's also a way for a us to get our name out there as someone earlier alluded too. So basically what does he do? He consults. It's probably the greatest job in the world because there really is no perfect definition for a consultant.

    In my line of work, a consultant is usually someone that a company hires to save themselves the hassle of doing it themselves. In the long run, it saves you money and even more valuable, time.

    As far as football consulting goes, I think it makes the game safer for athletes, because there are times of the year where coaches are not allowed to coach players. That can be very disadvantageous to a player, especially someone who needs advice on very specific life needs such as health, safety, family concerns. The players should be able to reach out to him and he should be able to relay from Campbell or whoever the NCAA permits him to be an intermediate for.

    Lastly, I am not an expert on this service or any football consulting. This is just from talking to a few coaches here and there about what is changing in the football world. Take it for what its worth(which may be nothing)
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    Well now that makes me think the NCAA is just about ready to step in and eliminate any potential advantage the Iowa states of the world could find. Ala satellite camps
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    So I know I started thus thread and was supper pumped because of all the tweets. But I was not even sure what it all means still. Does anyone actually know? Maybe @ChrisMWilliams does?
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    Isn't the NCAA set to add a 10th assistant next month? Maybe this is just a way to hire him for that role early.
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    Good point...Nebraska already announced this for their potential 10th assistant. The guy was hired as the Assistant Corn Shucking manager until the NCAA approves the change.
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    Yes, he replaced the assistant who wiped the Bo Pelini spit off players helmets and faces. That guy replaced the bail bondsman coordinator that was still on staff from the Osborn administration.
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    I read the heading and thought it might be like a BALCO thing, and all our guys will be needing their helmets resized and end up looking like Barry Bonds.:D

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