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  • hmmm, all of a sudden Missery's trip to Iowa St. in two weeks gets a little interesting. What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on with the South?
    If you could bump the thread that I started, I would appreciate it. I think i'm just going to stay clear of Ames on Saturday and watch the game from home, even though I live less than 20 miles from the south side of Ames. For safety reasons, I wouldn't want to be seen in Ames on Saturday wearing Husker gear.
    I started a "good luck thread" but I see that it's already into "page 3 hell" of a message board, oh well. Good luck on Saturday, hopefully it's a good game and that both teams get out of the game without injuries.
    LOL, better be a Husker fan as I wore a Husker shirt to work today ;)

    Nebraska's success in the 2000's were bookend by starting off the decade strong and finishing strong. If not for those 2 losing season under Callahan, then I would have no problem ranking Nebraska as the 3rd best team in the Big 12 in the 2000's.
    I just saw the rep you left me. I've been a Husker fan most of my life. I'm 36 and my first memory of the Huskers was the 1983 team, so i've experienced it all (from the early 90 bowl beat downs by Miama & FSU, to the 60-3 mid 90's run, and the Callahan years). I guess the last several years have made me very humble.
    Growing up in Western Iowa when Nebraska was good and all the fair-weather fans liked them, then dating women from Nebraska and having to listen to crap from their Husker families.... can't stand anything about them! Hate them with a passion and always will!

    Whats happening? I should have come up with a handle that gives me a little more anonymity. Unfortunately as you're probably aware I'm strung out on ISU football and men's basketball like a bad heroine addict. I should be working but instead I've been on this blog all day. I need help.

    Hope all is well.

    In Hoc,

    P.Green (1206)
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