Iowa State has eye out for headhunters

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    Ames, Ia. — The leaks in Iowa State's kickoff coverage began three weeks ago.

    Now, coach Gene Chizik is seeking volunteers who can plug up a unit that made it easier for Toledo and Nebraska to wipe away double-digit deficits.

    "The discussion you get into is, 'Do you put your starters on special teams?' " Chizik said Monday during his weekly news conference. "We're going to have to go in that direction right now, because we don't have any choice."

    A primary concern for Chizik is that putting starters on special teams may lead to an increase in injuries or fatigue.

    "The great thing that's really encouraging is a bunch of our starters were asking to be put on some of these teams," Chizik said.

    Linebacker Alvin Bowen and cornerback Chris Singleton have already contributed. Allen Bell, another cornerback, may join them Saturday when the Cyclones (1-4) visit Texas Tech (4-1).

    "Whatever it takes to help," Bell said. "If I've got to run down there and make some tackles, I'm willing to do it."

    Iowa State's kickoff coverage was solid for much of the opening two games.

    Kent State and Northern Iowa combined for just one return that ended beyond the 35-yard line. That came when Kent State's Jack Williams slipped free for 57 yards, setting up a second-quarter field goal.

    The Cyclones' first nine kickoffs this season resulted in opponents having an average starting field position at the 28-yard line, including three touchbacks against Iowa.

    In the following 13 kickoffs, however, the opponent's average starting point has been the 46-yard line.

    Poor tackling resulted in one return for a touchdown.

    "It's definitely been a sore spot," Bell said. "So we've got a lot of people fighting to get on there.

    "If my name gets called out, I'll do it."

    Coverage lapses have led to shifts in momentum.

    Iowa State held an 11-point lead against Toledo with less than 5minutes remaining. Then, Jalen Parmele eluded several Cyclones on his way to the end zone. It ignited a rally and the Rockets eventually won 36-35.

    Iowa State led 10-0 last weekend in Nebraska, before Cortney Grixby broke a 51-yard return.

    The Cornhuskers' ensuing series began at the Iowa State 47-yard line and ended seven plays later with a touchdown pass from tailback Marlon Lucky.

    "We're looking to make some personnel changes," Chizik said. "We're just down to that point right now."
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    Doesn't sound like Bell is "asking" to be put on. Willing, yes. Asking, Not so much.
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    Part of the problem has been the EXTREMELY short kickoffs. Dont we have another kicker with a bigger leg!?
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    The Nebraska kicker had 1 impressive leg. Kicked several out of the endzone and 1 of them right through the uprights on a kickoff as well. One of the guys we know says that he's a very popular player amongst the student section right now.
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    I don't' think the kickoffs have been short.

    Firstly, they moved everyone back this year. This is exactly what the NCAA wants. I don't like it, but I don't think our kickoffs have been short.

    Secondly, we seemed to have no problem getting it out of the endzone when we played Iowa.

    I think we've got the leg for it, we just don't always execute.
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    From what I heard it seemed as if starters were asking if they could be used on the special teams. They voluntered he wasn't soliciting. That is a good sign, as they realize that even with the threat of injury they have an opportunity to make a major contribution in a troubled area. Good team players. The coach is accepting because he knows how much help is needed.
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    If you had been at the NU game you would not have made this statement. NU return men were catching the ball too far upfield, and without enough hang time to allow for our guys to get down there. It would help if we had more speed on the cover team, however, so I hope we can at least shore up that part this week.
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    Maybe Gene could use some help from these headhunters... [​IMG]

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