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  • For what it's worth, I agree with all of your posts about the bball team. MCD is just not getting anything productive accomplished, and I thought he was a horrible hire from day 1. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that I agree with you in every aspect.
    Meant to call you last night but it wasnt til this morning anyway that Miranda remembered that she works next weekend. We're out. Sorry bout that and thanks for thinking of us!
    ummmm, I tried giving you rep for "They reviewed it...the review was just done faster than an 18-year old in a brothel."

    .....but i gave you rep to recently. so here's the next best thing :)
    Hey 22, I see you're still lurking about on the site. For reasons I told you before, I have not posted on any of the sites in quite some time. Just wondering what the prevailing attitude is these days among the Clone basketball fans.
    22 where have you been? Are you taking some time to cool off. See you Saturday
    Thanks again for the Senior Day pics! I'm so glad you took them - it sucked not being there!
    Hey, back, co-Build A Burger Champ 2007!!

    Man, I just loved that prize we got, didn't you? :wink:
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