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    I would love to hear anything you guys/gals have to share on this. I was in a conversation the other day with one of my fathers friends and this came up, to include one of the most interesting story's I've ever heard. I would like to hear you folks "defining moment". I'm not sure I have had mine. If I have.... I'd have to say right now it was my five years in the MC. The time in the Corps brought me to my closest friends and taught me what it is to be a good man and understand what it is to be a great man.
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    I wouldn't say I've had a defining moment. It is more of a collection of experiences.
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    I'm a +1 on "collection of experiences". Though I'd have to see that the first time I was "on the 'X'" in a direct fire ambush, kept my head and reacted as I was trained, I pretty much found out what kind of stuff I was made of.

    My children being born was pretty much a "defining moment"

    The night I spent wondering if my oldest daughter would survive a car accident and head injury was pretty big.

    Losing everything because I couldn't work after my own debilitating car accident and having to move back to Iowa, to live on others' charity for awhile was huge.

    The first time my eventual wife of 20 years (and counting) looked into my eyes shook me to my core.

    When I left company command, in the Army, and that crusty old Master Gunner cried, left me humbled.

    There's more, so no, I can't think of one defining moment in my life, though there has been a series of significant events, though.
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    Meeting my future wife. We complemented each other to become better people.
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    I'd say when Jessie Spano got addicted to caffeine pills on Saved by the Bell because she was cramming for her tests. That really changed my life :wink:
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    Let's see (in order of occurrence)...
    1. Getting my acceptance letter to ISU in Fall '96. Before that I was a complete Hawkeye homer and that letter forever changed the course of my life :wink:
    2. Getting an F in Calc 1 my first semester at ISU - I'd never failed a course before that.
    3. Changing my major to Architecture in Fall 1999 - my dad was opposed to it and it was really the first time I ever stood up to him (respectfully, of course)
    4. Graduating from ISU - I changed my major so many times and spent so much time there that I was becoming the butt of jokes to my friends at home ("Lots of people spend 7 years in college..." "Yeah, they're called doctors...")
    5. Getting hired. My GPA was low enough that for awhile it was becoming a bit of a concern.
    6. Getting married - made me realize even a schmuck like myself wasn't meant to spend the rest of his life alone.
    7. Sometime within the next year or two my wife and I are going to start having children. That will probably be the biggest life changer of them all.
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    November 06, My employer called me into the office for a meeting. Times were tough and they could no longer afford my salary. They wanted me to become independent - 100% commision. It was a move I always wanted to make but didn't have the stones to give up the salary. I did it. I just hope it pans out.

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