A letter from Steven Leath: Regarding the budget

Discussion in 'Campus Life' started by MeowingCows, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Listen, I commend you for being a great parent and making your kids college was secure, My wife and I are doing the same. I hear this a lot from uncles and aunts in my family though and argue with them about it a lot. Yeah, there are the parents that squander their money, but it's not the majority of people who are struggling. Everyone just assumes, "Hey, I was able to do it, why can't they." It's just one of those things that we have to expect. When you buy a bushel of apples, some are going to have worms. It doesn't mean that every apple is bad.

    It's a cycle. Even if the parents weren't frugal with their money, is it OK to go ahead and punish their kids? Great, then they have kids who won't go to college, who have more kids who won't go to college and so on. Yeah, it's a tough pill to swallow, but undeducated poor people are a huge drain on society. As a society, if we want to get better, the only thing we can do, as a society, not just an individual, is prepare our children for the future. I'd rather be in a society around a bunch of educated people willing to work, than I would be around a bunch of uneducated people who can't find jobs that I was willing to tell to go to hell, even if it seemed like it cost me a few bucks along the way.

    I'm one of the first to complain about tax raises and wasteful spending, but that's the thing, I don't consider education wasteful spending. Maybe our education system, especially in the pre-college years could be improved, but to say, "Hey, I saved for my kids, **** the rest of you." may look fine in the present, but it's doing nothing but creating a future drain on society. Simply cutting welfare and other social programs of the like, isn't going to prevent the poor, unhealthy and unedcuated from draining our society of resources. There are plenty of places the government wastes money that could be hit before education.

    My whole life I've always heard that my taxes are being raised for this for education, or hey, the lottery will be use for that for education. Yet, in turn, all we get are education cuts from the government. Don't go after the poor people, go after those in power who are wasting our money to get themselves rich today, as opposed to making our society richer in the future.
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    Agreed. When I file my Minnesota return I have to take my Federal adjusted income and add back in a bunch of things to get my Minnesota adjusted income.

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