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  • Hey what happened to the Mall recruit thread. Seems to have disappeared. Thought it was kind of funny.
    Normally I'm kinda bummed about my ability to kill a thread. But in the case of the Where is the Kitten thread, I used my powers for good!
    That's probably easiest - I don't think I can find anyway to disable it.

    You have a great holiday weekend, too! Hopefully it's warm/dry!
    Hi, VC! Yep, this is a current bug. I'm reporting it to the tech - you'll see similar problems in the PMs using Reply vs. Quote. You're not doing anything wrong!
    Not dumb at all - I can't tell you how many times I've done that. :p You are definitely not alone.
    That's a little odd about the avatar! If you want, feel free to send me the URL to it, and I can try and see if I can do it from the moderator tools. I'm happy to do it!
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