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  • We were basically neighbors then. I grew up in Jefferson. I used to hang out in Boone all the time. Even when I go back now you can just about be assured that I stop in Boone to get my Godfather's fix.
    Thanks for the rep. Don't let the name fool ya...I'm 100% Iowa State. I grew up just a little over a half hour from Ames which automatically makes you a Cyclone fan. I just happen to call Arkansas home for now but I honestly have no love for the razorbacks.
    Hey ... was just reading through a thread and noticed your French Mastiff pic. Is that yours? I have a female french mastiff ... looks a little smaller than that one. Great dogs ... super rare. Anyways, just was interested to see if you have had as great an experience as I have. I also have a pic of her in some ISU gear ... classic.

    Have a good one!

    This is Mike Kudrna, where the hell did you get that pic? It is hilarious, what is the story behind it.
    No, I just got tired. Was a great time. I might fire up a few more confidential source tweets sometime down road, who knows?:spinny:
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