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  • We haven't talked about this yet but you've got me curious who you might have been talking to from Jefferson. I can't say that I know the people you mentioned but I definitely know people with those last names. Is Shane Scheuermann somehow tied in with Kent Scheuermann?
    Were we just talking about this the other day? I was talking to someone from Jefferson. Do you know Shane Scheuermann? Nicole Stofer? Kelly Wyatt? I used to spend time there when I was living in Ames.
    Yep, I'm a recent newcomer to NWA. I live in Fayetteville now, have for 3 years and really enjoy it. Spend a lot of time more time outdoors than in Iowa.
    You know you always deserve it!! :yes: I was pretty amazed at his attitude, too - we're so lucky he has graced us all with his presence, right?? :nah: I didn't feel too bad.
    But you HAVE to have a hobby, right?? :wink: And I think shopping is a great one.
    I think so, too. I like how it's modern but classy.

    LOL - that's awesome!! Now you have a use for that leather jacket!! I bet it's fun!
    That is 100% appropriate - and awesome. It looks perfect!! I've always thought we should actually use a cyclone as the logo!!
    You know, I have NO clue how Bubbles came about!! The other mods have been having fun with my avatar and user profiles lately - I'll log in and not know what it's going to be!! I like the newest avatar they gave me!
    We can repair almost any fashion disaster - call it "Pretty In Pink" syndrome. Just like when Molly Ringwald took two awful dresses and made another (well, it was worse than the originals, but you get the gist)... :wink:
    I've done that before!! The other good news is that you can absolutely have a backup if you spill on the original, right? :wink:
    I love when you walk away from a shopping day with a complete wardrobe. :yes: It feels so successful! Deal - I'm traveling a bit more coming up, but I'm going to try and work Arkansas into my routine. Who can beat a free lunch!! :wink:

    I am painting my dining room today, and may or may not do an accent wall in the living room tonight or tomorrow, depending on how motivated I am. I am super-envious of YOUR day, however - if you came home with a dog who could ride a motorcycle, that would be the most successful shopping trip ever! :notworthy:
    Hey!! Did you ever end up having your "Shopping and Indiana Jones" day?
    I absolutely love dressing up guys - it's fun when they're willing to try on new stuff, like you are!! :yes: You would be an awesome voice of reason for me, too!!

    I JUST got back from Des Moines - only came back with a button-up shirt from the GAP. Thin green stripes, white cuffs and collar. You inpired me. :wink: You'll have to tell me what else you get!!
    I LOVE outdoor shopping - it feels like you're getting exercise while you're spending money. :wink:

    I love those button down shirts - I think they look really sharp (for lack of a cooler word). I bet the white one would look great with a dark-wash jean, and you can wear the black with just about anything. I bet both would look awesome with different colors of cargo pants, too. And the shoe possibilities! :wink:
    Hey you right back!! :yes: We really did have a good time - I am so glad to be home, though!! Aw, I'm jealous - did you take yesterday off of work to shop? I'm heading down to Jordan Creek tomorrow!
    Aw, thanks so much, dear!! :wink: You should DEFINITELY take more "me" time - Mexico sounds fun, and I love Phoenix!! I'm flying home tomorrow - back to the grind on Wednesday... Boo!
    We have been to a ton of fun restaurants, done some shopping (yay!), and hung out at a couple of fun bars. Pretty much the usual!! I get stuck at way too many hotels in my travels, but this is a good one - the vent is actually right above the bed, so that gives me SOME air movement... :wink:
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