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  • Catch and release at CF today... :D
    Yes it is. Thanks for the assist.

    Juvenile, I know, but still funny. I'm waiting on people getting pissy about it.
    Life is too short to not have fun with it.
    It got really quiet after you posted that. There aren't very many of us who are willing to admit we've been had. I'm too stupid to be proud. :p
    Thanks for the props. I do like to antagonize people here, but jeez... it's just sports. People get so ****ing worked up over it all, and ultimately, it means nothing.
    At the end of the day, we're all just normal, good people.
    Of all the ridiculous avatars that you change like I change underwear, the current is by far my favorite.
    Did you see the game? I told you he has changed alot. Not bad for first game? Exepect even more as the season goes.
    I like where your head's at. Now I'll be spending my whole afternoon coming up with ways to use this new "substitution."
    I'm more than a little ****** you didn't bring the "Double Down" sandwich to HUCAC first. You know we are, per capita, the single fattest people on the internets, right?
    Okay, in celebration of St. Patricks Day, try this on for size:
    Use the words below to form a chain in which each word links to the next to create a common compound, or hyphenated word or phrase. The chain comes full circle, and in honor of St. Patty's Day, it both starts and ends with the word GREEN. But watch out! With leprechauns abounding today, there are bound to be tricks. To begin the chain, words that can follow GREEN are HOUSE to make GREEN HOUSE, LIGHT for GREEN LIGHT, CARD or ROOM.

    There's a surprise ending with the final word that links back to GREEN.


    Good Luck of the Irish - I be one of those!!
    Bless you for being intelligent and rational. :yes: Thank you - I've never understood skipping them, either - the ambiguity is exactly what frustrates me. I am absolutely going to use them, then!!! I just needed some backup from another grammar nerd. :wink:
    You've GOT to put it in. I have never understood not using one. It's a matter of personal preference, but it just seems weird not to use one. Not using one seems to make things ambiguous. The only reason I wouldn't use one would be if I were quoting some text.

    Using one is good, the right thing to do and correct grammar.:wink:
    Okay... Vampire Weekend song aside, how do you feel about the Oxford (serial) comma? I am very much for it. I am creating a document for work that is going to be used in our program, and the source document does not use an Oxford comma. Is it wrong of me to throw one in, anyway?
    Okay, now I have to see if I can make it up on Thursday... Vampire Weekend + Tristan Prettyman is an unexpected combo!

    I'm pretty sure I HAVE to make it up for the one this summer. I've become totally obsessed w/Bon Iver.
    Awesome! That should be a great concert. Let me know if you want any Twin Cities advice.
    Well, then... I think it's time for our club!! Would you like to set it up, or should I? :smile:
    They might be - I would start with "Oxford Comma".

    And good call on the Statistics!
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