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    Bird Feeders and Bird Watching

    Yea, definitely get a hummingbird feeder with the perch. I have this glass/metal one in Cyclone colors:
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    Tarique Milton Lands at Texas - your thoughts?

    It had to be done:
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    Similac formula recall

    Agreed lol #savethemanuals
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    Football Parking

    Wondering the same thing. Choosing between these 3 areas. I think I'm gonna go D2.
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    Shade Tree Recommendation

    When we moved into our house last summer we planted a Northern Red Oak up front and a Swamp White Oak in the back. I was mainly going for diversity (read: not maple), native, and something that attracts birds/wildlife/pollinators.
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    Anyone owned a VW Golf?

    If you want Toyota + hatchback, get one of the new GR Corollas. Not dropping until fall though.
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    Housing market

    Greatschools is legit. We use it as a resource when researching submarkets on the multifamily side.
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    NBA: 2022 NBA Playoffs

    Did look like there may have been some contact low. Actual block was very clean though.
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    NBA: 2022 NBA Playoffs

    Yea, Georges playing some big minutes.
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    Aubrey Joens Transferring

    I don't follow WBB - what's the cliff notes on her dad? Some interesting comments on this thread on him..
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    ***Official 2022 Weather Thread***

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    Oscar Predictions for Tonight...

    Yea, I just meant in general he put together a fairly decent/composed speech. I'm not defending his actions.
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    Oscar Predictions for Tonight...

    Honestly, his speech was pretty solid given the circumstances.
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    Oscar Predictions for Tonight...

    Will's potential award on now. And he won...