CF’s Experts Pick’em: Week 4

Another week, another slate of games, and more expert picks and commentary from the, well, experts. Adam Gray is clinging to his dwindling lead while Arnaud and Woody are barreling toward the top like they barreled past the line of scrimmage.

Chris Hassel is getting uncomfortably close to the top, even this early in the season. I have a feeling that Chris Berman is once again helping him make his picks.


Former Insurance Salesman, Adam Gray

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Snyder at home, off a bye week…KSU slows the game down, controls the clock, and covers.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Iowa generally does well against running teams. I like the Hawks to cover.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – No clue. Give me the home team. Nebraska by 10.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – Oklahoma with the late score to win by 14.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Florida won’t score over 10 on Alabama. Bama by 21.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Clemson hasn’t forgot about last year. Give me Clemson to cover.

The Star of "Monday Evening Quarterbacks", Austen Arnaud

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Have to take Coach Snyder and the Cats here. This team will slow the pace of the game down and coming off a bye week they will be well prepared for the Tigers. Wildcats cover.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Have to take Pitt here, the Hawks are struggling to make plays on offense and there LB corps is learning game by game. Not a good time to face one of the best running attacks in the country

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – I’ll take the U. I have seen both teams play and I wasn’t too impressed with either. I expect this to be a low scoring game. I think the U loses by 7 points max, so give me the Canes and the hook.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – OU losing  Keith Ford is a big loss in my opinion. This will be one of the real scares for OU, on the road along way from home and coming off a big win against the Vols. Expect the Sooners to come out flat, I think they win the game but by less than a TD. WVU covers.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – This one won’t be close Alabama rolls here. 

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Winston out for the first half makes this game a lot easier to pick, I’ll take Clemson and the points. By the way how big of an idiot is Winston, some people don’t know how to handle success. 


Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Man oh man, would I like to see the Big XII pull this one out. I’m just not sure the K State defense has enough to slow down the Tiger offense. I sincerely, honestly hope I’m wrong, but Auburn to win and cover.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – I don’t know much about Pitt, other than former ISU DBs coach Troy Douglas coaches there. What I know about Iowa is that they usually don’t lose to non-conference teams by more than a field goal. I’ll take Iowa (only if I’ve got points).

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – Miami has played one team of any caliber (sorry, Florida A&M and Arkansas State fans), and they got rocked by Louisville. Huskers by a lot at home.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – This one’s tricky. OU minus their number one running back, WVU minus their number one corner. It’s in Morgantown, where OU last went in 2012 and gave up literally 400 total yards to Tavon Austin. 10 points is a bugger right now, but I think the Sooners cover.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Florida stands no chance in this one. Alabama win, cover, and humiliate the Gainsville Gators.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – A Winston-less Seminole tribe is a less effective tribe. That guy really needs to learn the lesson, "Think before you act." They’ve got enough to win, but I don’t think they win by 20. Clemson and points. 

The "Computer With Shoes" (says, Keith Murphy), Kirk Haaland

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – I’d love to see KSU do well to validate ISU’s performance against them but I’m not sure that Jake Waters will be able to run against Auburn like he did against ISU. But for wizardry reasons, KSU covers.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Iowa could snap out of their funk but if they don’t soon their funk will become their identity. Based off of the first three games I can’t take Iowa. Pitt.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – In memoriam of the 1984 Orange Bowl the Huskers will score a late touchdown to break a tie and then go for two and the cover. But this time, they convert! Nebraska covers.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – A couple of weeks ago I mentioned "Big Game Bob" being "Bad Game Bob" at least once early on. It didn’t happen then but it will this weekend. The Mountaineers may steal a win but they definitely cover.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Alabama. Unless Tim Tebow is playing.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – I would really like to see Clemson win because I’m not sold on the Seminoles and their schedule doesn’t seem to have any other losses in regular season. But, even with the suspension of Jameis after more of his impressive decision making, I’m still rolling with the ‘Noles.

The President of John Higgins’s Fan Club, Brent Blum

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Everybody knows you do not mess with the vampire in a nationally televised night game. The vampire snacks on the Tigers and then makes a fourth-meal run to Taco Bell. K-State 21 Auburn 20.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Sets up as a classic Ferentz, Eff you, game. Iowa 27 Pitt 17.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – Not a fan of the Miami team, I just don’t think they are very good. Nebraska 34 Miami 20.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – You do not give the Mullet ten points at home. Oklahoma 30 West Virginia 26.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – One guarantee in this one: both coaches end the game with a red face. Alabama 27 Florida 10.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Did you know the town of Clemson, South Carolina used to be named Calhoun, South Carolina? They re-named it when the University became the life-blood of the town. You’re welcome for the fun-fact. Florida State 34 Calhoun 20.

Don from Muscatine’s Son, Chris Hassel

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – K-State. This line is stunning to me. Usually that means you should go the other way but I think the Fighting JUCO’s can win outright.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Hawks. While I’ve been calling for Ferentz’s head for years I can’t take away the fact that Iowa usually only loses by a few points.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – Cooter. Husker Nation will be up for this one because they’re all stuck in the 90’s and consider this a top 5 matchup.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – OU. The Mountaineers are much improved and should keep it close but a backdoor cover is very likely in a high scoring game.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Gators. The Muschompers are feeling the heat after nearly losing to UK. This is a statement game for Florida. The statement is: "Don’t fire our coach." Yet.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Tigers. Clemson won’t win, but I’d like to think they can keep it to 2 scores.

The Owner of the Second Best Run vs Texas Tech in 2002, Lane Danielsen

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Kansas State.  I’m taking Bill Snider at home coming off of a bye week to cover 9.5.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Pitt.  Iowa is awful!

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – Miami.  I think Miami has enough talent to keep it within a touchdown.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – West Virginia. WVU is averaging 39 points a game.  I think they will cover 10 at home.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Florida. The Gators are coming off an emotional 3OT win.  I look for them to keep it within two TD’s in this rivalry game.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Clemson.  FSU isn’t looking at crisp as they were last year. I’m taking Clemson to cover 19.

The Last Cyclone QB to Beat the Wizard in Manhattan, Bret Meyer

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Auburn 45-20

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Pitt 17-10

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – Miami 23-20

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – OU 38-30

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Bama 28-7

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – FSU 31-17

Central Iowa’s Most Civilized WWE and NASCAR Fan, Chris Williams

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Dating back to early last season, Auburn has covered in 13 straight games! Combine that with the fact that Bill Snyder is 20-9 as a underdog since he came back to Manhattan in 2009 and 4-1 as a home dog. The numbers say this is a brutal game to pick. But I’ve seen Kansas State in person and wasn’t blown away. Give me Auburn by 13. 

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Seems like a vintage Ferentz outright win but the numbers go against the Hawks, who are 0-3 against the number this season. Pitt is 8-2 in its last 10 home games as a favorite. I’ll take the Panthers by 10. 

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – Miami is 0-5 ATS in last five road games. Huskers were woken up two weeks ago and have figured something out. Nebraska by two touchdowns. 

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – Gut feeling here is that the Sooners (along with Baylor) are head and shoulders better than everyone else in the league. Give me the Big 12’s best team and two touchdowns. 

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – I don’t know enough about Florida to be confident here but Bama is 6-1 ATS in its last seven SEC home games. I’ll take the Crimson Tide by 17.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Clemson has covered four and a row against FSU. Plus, Winston is out for the first half. I’ll take Clemson to cover. 

From Football to Politics like Dwight Eisenhower, Jack Whitver

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Kansas State plays tough at home and keeps it close with their style of play. KSU covers spread.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Iowa’s offense seems lost and Pitt has one of the top running backs in the country. Pitt wins by 7 to cover.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) –  This Nebraska team is hard to pick. After barely beating McNeese, they blow out Fresno. When all else fails, pick against the weak Big 10. Miami wins outright and covers the spread. 

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – West Virginia has been playing surprisingly well this year and has a lot of playmakers. The Mountaineers hang tough for awhile but the Sooners continue to roll, win by 14 and cover the spread. 

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Florida barely escaped last week against Kentucky and didnt look pretty doing it. Alabama rolls at home, covers spread. 

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Jameis Winston suspended for half of the game will make a difference. In the end FSU has too many good athletes and still covers at home.

Not Brick Tamland, Brett McIntyre

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Auburn. I think K-State represents itself well, but I don’t think they can keep up in the end.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Pitt. It won’t be long before it’s a legit question of if Iowa can even score 6 points. I like Pitt by 17+.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) –  Miami. I’m not sure the ‘Canes are any good, but Nebraska is B1G. Canes cover

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – Oklahoma. I’m sure at some point, West Virginia will look amazing. Then they’ll go through their 2.5 quarters of awful that shows up each game. Sooners aren’t Maryland, and it’ll cost WVU this time

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Alabama. Florida still just doesn’t look like it’s clicking under Muschamp

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Clemson covers here. 

The Screaming Eagle, Dave Zawilinski

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – SEC rules.  K-State

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Over reaction was rampant from week one to week two.  Hawks really aren’t "that bad."  The sky isn’t falling in Iowa City.  Iowa.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) –  Nebraska got their wakeup call against McNeese st.  Cornhuskers. 

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – OU looks scary good.  Sooners. 

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Florida looks scary bad.  Bama.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Clemson got routed by Georgia.  Why will this be any different?  F. S. U.

The Ames High Journalist HOF Unanimous Inductee, Rob Gray

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – I’m not sure how good the Wildcats are, but I am convinced Gandalf will have them playing at their best. K-State hangs in there; Auburn doesn’t cover. War Eagle 31, ‘Cats 27

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Make or break game for Greg Davis (and Jake Rudock). Strangely, I think the Hawks win outright as the defense rises up. Iowa 28, Pitt 24

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – I don’t like seeing that many points in the Huskers’ side but the ‘Canes getting punished in week one by Petrino/Klenakis tells me they ain’t very good, coach. Nebraska covers, 35-24

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – I’m not sure what to think about the Mountaineers, who have been mighty impressive on offense. I’ll go with the Sooners to cover (barely), 38-27

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Sure, the Gators beat trash-talking Kentucky (and a lousy Eastern Michigan team), but now it gets real — and ugly. Tide rolls, 45-20

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Look for Clemson’s Artavis Scott to string together some big plays in the passing game — enough to keep this one fairly close. ‘Noles don’t cover, but win 42-31

The Pride of Clarinda, Adam Carper

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Bill Snyder continues his voodoo magic tricks and wins outright in the Little Apple.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Hawks bounce back and their fans jump back on the wagon before their cake conference schedule begins.  Hawks cover

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) –  Last time these two teams played, Tommie Frazier slashed through Warren Sapp’s defense in route to a national title.  20 years later, ‘Skers have another Tommy at QB but Mr. Armstrong won’t be as impressive.  Canes cover the spread.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – West Virginia puts up a fight early but the Sooners do enough to cover.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – It took three overtimes for Florida to beat Kentucky last week…in football!!  Enough said…Roll Tide

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – The two great names in college football face off as Dabo’s crew keep it close to cover against Jimbo’s Seminole team.

Gusto Pizza Co. Frontman, Andrew Downs

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Auburn. K State is at home and coming off a bye, but they showed weaknesses against ISU and the Tigers are too good.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Pitt. Hurts to say it, but until the Hawkeye offense shows signs of life, I can’t imagine them going on the road and beating anyone.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – Miami. Nebraska may win, but take the points.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – Oklahoma. West Virginia’s beaten Towson and a Big 10 team, so no idea how good they are.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Bama. It’s a lot of points, but I’m not betting against the Tide at home.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Clemson. This is too many points. FSU likely wins, but won’t cover this spread.

Scooby-Doo’s Partner in Crime Solving, Bret Culbertson

Auburn (-9.5) @ Kansas State – Former ISU coach now Auburn ST coach Scott Fountain inherited an OU Jay Boulware kicking recruit in Dan Carlson, originally from Sweden. In week one he hammered a 62-yard punt the very first time he touched a ball in his college football career. With a pair of stud seniors leaving last year, the Tiger ST unit is in good hands as he’s handling field goals as well. Auburn wipes Manhattan clean, covers.

Iowa @ Pitt (-6) – Got to witness a Cole Netten field goal vs the Hawks in the flesh last week. Sorry Ferentz, don’t try to ice a kicker who has access to Iowa State and Team USA Sports Psychologist Marty Martiniez. He’s the best in the biz. I’ll take Pitt to cover.

Miami @ Nebraska (-7.5) – McNeese game was a flub. Nebraska covers.

Oklahoma (-10) @ West Virginia – Sooners cover by a mile.

Florida @ Alabama (-14.5) – Florida almost gave one away last week. Did the two-kicker approach bite them in the end? Just like the two-quarterback approach, we’ll never know. Bama keeps rolling, holds on to the spread.

Clemson @ Florida State (-19) – Brad Pinion will be key to Clemson field position- the guy hit a 100-yard kickoff at one of our kicking camps in high school. Offers were through the roof the next week. Groza winner Roberto Aguayo needs a game-winner to officially solidify himself. He’ll get chances for field goals in this game, but it won’t be the difference. Clemson holds on, beats the spread.