CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 10


Chris Hassel, 36-18
Adam Carper, 32-22
Bret Culbertson, 31-23
Andrew Downs, 29-25
Austen Arnaud, 27-27
Jack Whitver, 27-27
Trevor Enerson, 27-27
Brett McIntyre, 26-28
Dave Zawilinski, 25-29
Brent Blum, 23-31
Chris Williams, 22-32
Kirk Haaland, 21-33
Adam Gray, 21-33 


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – That’s too many points. Canes cover.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Dawgs are a better team, even with all the injuries. Georgia covers.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – I think Hawks keep it in single digits, but I doubt they’ll win.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – Michigan wins outright.

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – TCU by 14.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Two straight losses for coach Ryan Gosling.

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – I can’t pick ISU to cover anything, anymore.


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – Similar to the Clemson – FSU game a couple weeks ago…lot of hype during the week but the game is decided by halftime.  Noles big!

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Georgia

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Difference in this game is the pink visitor’s locker room.  Iowa

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – Game stays within a FG therefore I’ll take Michigan to cover. 

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – West Virginia

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Game is a toss-up.  Give me the home team. 

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – K-State held Baylor to 35 points and lost by only 10.  Logic is pathetic I know but it’s enough for me to think the Wildcats cover. 


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – It’s awesome that both teams are undefeated going into this rivalry, but Florida State is just too powerful. I understand it’s a rivalry and anything can happen, but I don’t think there’s anyway Miami can come close playing on Bobby’s turf. The way FSU has been steamrolling teams, I think this is no different. Seminoles. 

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Georgia wins by more than this line would make people think. Overall I think Georgia is a more complete team than Florida and has proved that. I’m giving them a free pass with their last two games. Georgia by 10.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – The badger’s replaced their kicker mid-season and gave their long-range field goal kicking duties to a linebacker in the middle of the season. I think Wisconsin loses out on a few 3-point opportunities, and Iowa comes out swinging. This should be a good one folks. I’ll go with the Hawks. 

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – I’m calling the close one. Spartans win by a field goal, but Michigan beats the spread. 

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – West Virginia is a hard team to pick, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt in this one. West Virginia covers, and I have no idea why.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – This should be a good game. I’m giving Tech the edge because their at home with their aerial assult.

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – One of my all-time favorite games as a player was at Bill Snyder’s big house my true-freshman year. Down by two TDs, we came back with 28 unanswered points in the 4th quarter. The sideline was absolutely electric. Here’s what Meyer had to say after the game..

"When you are down, you can only dream about things like this," Meyer said. "You just keep believing, keep playing together, and good things will happen."

Even with the injuries, this team can’t stop believing. ISU covers. 


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – Florida State. This is a lot of points, but the Seminoles need to blow everyone out to try and get back to the second spot in the BCS.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Florida. Each team coming off consecutive losses, neither team is good, might as well take the points.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Iowa. This game is (almost) always a battle, and while I’m not sure the Hawkeyes will win, I don’t see this as a double-digit game. 

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – Michigan. MSU defense is great, but Michigan has too much speed to be stopped. 

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – West Virginia. Neither team is very good, and I’m picking the Mountaineers solely due to the amount of points here.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Texas Tech. This should be a fun game. The Red Raiders bounce back at home and get a needed win over a ranked team.  

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Iowa State. This is a hopeful pick, and I don’t feel great about it. I don’t think the Cyclones win, and the reason I think it stays close has more to do with how I feel about Kansas State than it does about my confidence in Iowa State.


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – FSU has deserved this spread. However, the Noles haven’t seen speed all year like the U has. I expect the Canes D to keep them in this game. Noles score late to win 27-16.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Both teams have fallen upon tough times in the last few weeks. I like the dawgs in this one, Todd Gurley should be back and the Gators have zero offense right now. 

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Hate to say it here but 9.5 is too many points. These two teams are very similar, on both sides of the ball. This will be a game won by the physically more aggressive team, no finesse involved. I see the Badgers winning but only by a score 24-17.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – Hard to not like Sparty here. Michigan State is overachieving this year mainly in part to their stellar defense. This doesn’t bode well for Devin Gardner and a turnover happy Wolverine offense. I like Sparty at home 17-10.

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – TCU’s bad play has got to turn around they are better than their 1 win in conference. West Va isn’t playing their best football right now. Horny Toads blow the Mountaineers doors off 34-10.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Can’t say enough about Kingsbury’s first year as the HBC, doing it with another freshman QB. Oklahoma State’s passing game isn’t efficient enough to beat Tech. Red Raiders win here in a shoot out 56-44. 

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Bill Snyder has CPR’s number. This is a tough environment to play in. However, the Cyclones will be up for this game. For this Cyclone team it is important for them to start fast on both sides of the ball. The game will be won in the trenches with the OL and DL. If Iowa State can control the line of scrimmage they win the game. K-State isn’t a threat throwing the ball, Iowa State must get the Wildcat offense out of rhythm and off schedule. Which means being great against the run on first and second down, making the Wildcats uncomfortable in 3rd and longs.


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – This is a huge spread for a matchup between top 10 teams…but did you see what Florida State did at Clemson. Miami’s offense can’t keep up with Jameis Winston and the Noles. FSU covers.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida –  Both teams have struggled at times, but Florida has really struggled on offense. I will take Georgia to cover is the contest formerly known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Interesting line with the Hawkeyes being at home. Ferentz doesn’t win many by more than 10, but he also doesn’t lose many by more than 10. Hawkeyes cover.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) –  Great UM offense vs. a great MSU defense. I’ll take Sparty to cover at home…UM has had too many close calls against bad teams this year.

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – I am not sure TCU can score 13.5, let alone win by 13.5. WVU covers on the road.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – TT comes out angry after a tough loss in Norman. Wins going away at home.

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – I think this is a better matchup for the Cyclones than the past few weeks. I think Wally Burnham and the Cyclone D will play well against a fairly one dimensional KSU squad. ISU covers in Manhattan. 


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – Jameis Winston is probably going to win the Heisman now even though Marcus Mariotta should. I think Miami backdoors this one though and covers. 

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Florida can’t score but they play great defense. Georgia doesn’t play great defense. Man, this one is tough. I’m going to take Florida to win this outright. 

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – I think Iowa is built to slow down Wisconsin and after the Northwestern game, I have a little confidence in them. I can’t shake the MSU game, though. Give me Iowa to cover here but not win. 

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – Michigan wins this one due to Devin Gardner doing things with his legs.  

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – I don’t think TCU can score enough to cover that. WVU covers, TCU wins.  

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Did OSU find something offensively or was it just ISU? Give me Tech to cover just because of the home field. 

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) –  Good grief. ISU covers I guess. They have to cover a big spread at some point. 


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – Miami. I could see FSU blowing the line away, but with the rivalry, I’ll take the Hurricanes to cover…barely.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Florida. Taking the Gators here.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Wisconsin. I’m not sure you even need both hands to count Iowa’s double-digit home losses since Ferentz got it rolling, but I think Wisconsin will be too much for Iowa.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – Michigan State. Wolverines are ridiculously mediocre. MSU probably is too, but if it’s between their D or Devin Gardner, I’ll take Sparty every time.

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – West Virginia. The Mountaineers are a horrible football team on the road. But this line is ridiculous. Still laughing at those (looking at you CW) that thought the difference in depth from BCS to non-BCS wouldn’t cripple TCU’s recent success.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Texas Tech. Red Raiders made me a believer hanging in with Oklahoma last week.

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Iowa State. The ISU offense has been, well, we know how it’s been. But I don’t think K-State is explosive enough to run it up as much. Defense will be a brighter spot as ISU covers.


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – Gut – FSU.  My pick – Miami

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Florida.              Georgia.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Iowa.              Wisconsin.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – Michigan.         Mich St.

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – WVU.            TCU.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – OSU.               Texas Tech.

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Iowa State.              Kansas State.    


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – My gosh this seems like a lot of points. They aren’t playing the Jaguars for crying out loud. Florida State 30 Miami 14.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Florida can’t score. Georgia 15 Florida 5.  

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – This again seems high, but I assume everyone will take the Hawks and I need to gain ground. Wisconsin 31 Iowa 21.  

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – The Spartans have given up 3 points total the last 2 weeks. That’s pretty good. Michigan State 21 Michigan 15.

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – TCU should not be favored by 13.5 against anyone. TCU and Florida would play the longest game in football history because there would be no score. Horned Frogs 20 West Virginia 17.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – I’m a man. I’m 34! Kingsbury 31 Gundy 24.  

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Did you know, Manhattan, KS was once struck by an earthquake in 1867? Bill Snyder was just a 2nd year coach at the time. An earthquake this weekend could be fun. K-State 31 Iowa State 17.  


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – You all watched the FSU/Clemson game right? Clemson is better than Miami. This game is being played in Doak. Noles cover.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Flip a coin. I’ll take Georgia. 

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – I smell a backdoor cover by the Badgers. 

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – I really have no idea. I do know that this is a must-win for Brady Hoke. I like Sparty to win, but only by a field goal. 

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – The Horned Frogs were a mess last week against Texas. I’m not sure how they will respond. I bet that they win against WVU, but expecting them to win by two touchdowns seems like a lot to me. I’ll take the Mountaineers to cover. 

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Is Oklahoma State’s offense really "back?" I think that Iowa State’s defense had more to do with last week than anything. Tech wins here by 10. 

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Wildcats 38, Cyclones 20


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – Florida State has been nothing but impressive this year but it is the largest spread ever for a top ten team to face as an underdog. Seminoles win but Miami covers.

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – Gotta go with the Dawgs here.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Tough line. I could see where Iowa would win this one but I think the Badgers will prevail and cover late in the game to seal the win.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – I’m not overly convinced that Michigan is that strong of a team but I also don’t think the Spartans have the offense to match their defense. Wolverines cover.

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – Can TCU even score 13.5 points in a game? West Virginia has struggled on the road and the TCU defense has been nails. Horned Frogs win but Mountaineers cover.

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Okie State sure looked good last week, or something. Texas Tech hung tough with the Sooners last week and may have proved they are for real. Red Raiders cover at home.

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Oye vey. Kansas State seems to be getting better while the Cyclones seem to be sliding the opposite direction. ISU has had a tough schedule the past three weeks but injuries have mounted and the fan base is full of doubt, who knows where the team and coaching staff stand. On the road I just can’t pick ISU to put enough points on the board or limit the Wildcat rushing attack. It hasn’t helped the past two weeks that ISU has given up a kickoff return for a touchdown, a punt return for a touchdown, a fumble return for a touchdown and a pick six. That is just too many obstacles for an already struggling offense. Regrettably, Wildcats cover.


Miami @ Florida State (-21.5) – That’s a lot of points for a rivalry game. I’ll take Miami to cover. 

Georgia (-2.5) vs. Florida – When you don’t know, take the team with the better QB. Georgia covers.

Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa – Hawks match up well with Wisconsin. I look for Iowa to cover but Wisconsin to win.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-4.5) – I think Michigan is a fraud. MSU covers. 

West Virginia @ TCU (-13.5) – Can TCU score 13? I like WV to cover. 

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – I’ll take OSU on the road. 

Iowa State @ Kansas State (-16.5) – Cyclone Fanatic is going to this game. CF is 1-0 on road Big 12 games. Can’t argue with these stats. Cyclones win.