CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 12


Chris Hassel, 42-25
Adam Carper, 40-27
Bret Culbertson, 37-29
Jack Whitver, 34-33
Dave Zawilinski, 33-34
Andrew Downs, 32-35
Austen Arnaud, 32-35
Brett McIntyre, 31-36
Trevor Enerson, 30-37
Chris Williams, 30-37
Brent Blum, 29-38
Kirk Haaland, 28-39
Adam Gray, 28-39 


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – USC is improved but Stanford should be able to win by more than a score.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – I’d like to see Auburn go into the Iron Bowl 10-1 but I think Gus and the boyz trip up here against Georgia.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – K-State is the best 4-loss team in the country. Wildcats cover.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – WVU is starting to play a little bit more consistent. Mountaineers.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – I’m going to continue to hitch my wagon to Baylor’s inability to cover. Hasn’t worked yet, but I’ll keep trying. Raiders.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – This is it for Texas. OSU spoils the unbeaten Big 12 start and cover.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Though ISU covered last week, there’s no way I’m picking them to do so in Norman. Sooners will be a feisty bunch following blowout loss to Baylor.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – Stanford continues their quest for a Rose Bowl berth…Cardinal by a TD.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Georgia goes on the road and finds a way to win outright.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – K-State becomes bowl eligible and win big!

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – West Virginia

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – Coming off a 3 game losing skid, Tech competes and covers at Jerry World.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Home team wins this battle.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Recent trips to Norman have not bode well for the Cyclones.  The trend continues as Sooners cover.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – Stanford big.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – We’ll be seeing both Auburn’s kicker and punter playing on Sundays.  Close game goes to Auburn, but Auburn wins by even more.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – I’ll say it again, K-State is better than their record shows. Wildcats cover.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – West Virginia.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – Ohhh man. Baylor.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Okie State.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Too many points. Cyclones.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – Stanford is rolling after a big win last week…Cardinal cover easily.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Auburn keeps their turnaround going…wins big at home.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Bill Synder has his boys playing well…Gary Patterson does not. KSU wins big.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – Is this the week Chris Williams finally gets it right by picking Kansas? Nope. Jayhawks getting better but not good enough.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – I am going to keep picking Baylor until somebody covers. Bears cover a huge spread.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – OSU playing very well right now. Cowboys win in Austin, handing UT their first conference loss.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5)  – OU doesn’t have the offensive weapons like in the past, but ISU will have a long day in Norman. OU covers.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – Gut Stanford.        Pick USC.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Gut Georgia.           Pick auburn

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Gut TCU.        Pick KSU

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – Gut Kansas.          Pick WVU

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – Gut TT.             Pick Baylor

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Gut OSU.        Pick Texas

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Gut ISU.     Pick OU


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – Stanford.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Auburn.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Kansas State.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – WVU.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – Baylor.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Texas.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Oklahoma…sorry.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC  – This line begs you to take Stanford here, which is exactly what I’m going to do. Close one here but Stanford covers late. 

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Auburn is the only top ten team not getting a lot of press.  And for good reason their schedule hasn’t been too challenging. UGA has struggled but they will go in and beat Auburn in Auburn.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Kansas State is on fire right now, the old man just needed more time this year to get it going in Manhattan. K state rolls here 34-13 

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – West Va here, 30-20

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – Baylor stays hot here, this game is going to be a lot of fun. Texas Tech will not cover here. Bryce Petty is the real deal and Tech’s defense hasn’t stopped anyone all year.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – I hate to say it but how different are Iowa State and Texas now after the debacle that happened in Ames. I like Texas at home here, Oklahoma State will have to throw the ball efficiently to win and I don’t think they can do that. Horns win.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Unfortunately it doesn’t get any easier for the Clones. OU coming off a demoralizing loss against Baylor with a few extra days to prepare. The Cyclones are at a serious disadvantage here.  Boomer wins by a lot more than 24.5.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – Stanford. Didn’t give the Cardinal respect last week. So here it is.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Auburn. Tigers set up a highly ranked showdown in the Iron Bowl, but I’ll be shocked if they hold up their end of the top-10 bargain.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Kansas State. Please. Not close here at all.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – West Virginia. The Mountaineers aren’t good, but they’re still a long ways off from being KU.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – Baylor. Is there a line they can’t cover?

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Texas. Horns keep rolling.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Oklahoma. Road game. History. Angry OU. Injuries. Etc. Just a bad matchup at a bad time.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – USC is better, but not that much better. Stanford covers this.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Auburn is sneaking up on people here. I’d keep an eye on them. Perhaps Alabama isn’t just cruising to the SEC championship this year. I just took a look and Auburn has a great rushing offense and a pretty good defense. This is about Georgia though. They have fallen a long way since taking down LSU. Right now that looks like a fluke. Auburn covers this and I’m picking them to upset Alabama in two weeks as well. 

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – KSU covers. They are rounding into form and I just don’t see TCU being able to score enough in this one. 

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – Huh? KU hasn’t put up 20 points yet in the league and they haven’t really even been close to winning a game outside of a couple early leads. WVU, while they haven’t won, has at least put up a fight sometimes. I don’t see this being less than a two possession game and it certainly won’t be a track meet (Get it?).  

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – It’s just so many points. That said, if you remove ISU’s Baylor game, Techs defense has been only slightly better than ISU’s and ISU has played, by far the harder defensive schedule. They have played all of the bad ones. That defense isn’t that good so, I’m taking Baylor to cover this.  

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Give me the Horns. We haven’t heard it from him but I’m guessing Blum is getting increasingly giddy at the thought of that December 7th showdown between the Horns and the Bears. That game will be for all of his validation.  

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Oklahoma covers. I’m sorry, ISU just can’t score. 


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – This game scares me, but I’ll take Stanford. 

 Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Auburn 

 TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Bill Snyder

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – Kansas, because the Jayhawks travel to Ames next weekend. KU riding to Iowa State with momentum is sooo something that would happen to the Cyclones. 

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – You all know how much I love Baylor, but a physical Tech team covers here. 

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Oklahoma State

 Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Cyclones cover. 


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – I’m picking all underdogs this week in honor of myself and my place in these standings. I feel like I have embarrassed my friends, family and my dog. Stanford 24 USC 23.

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Chizik and Wayne Bolt leave and Auburn turns around. ARE THESE THINGS RELATED?! Georgia 27 Auburn 24.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Bill Snyder is in full vampire mode at the moment. You fight vampires with frogs; everyone knows this. K-State 21 TCU 17.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – KU suits up all their stud freshman basketball players and shocks the world. Kansas 27 West Virginia 24 in six OT’s. Andrew Wiggins catches 8 balls for 240.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – Oh come on now…27?! You don’t disrespect the swag-machine. Baylor 50 Texas Tech 31.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Mack Brown wins and signs ten year extension to coach Texas basketball team. Texas 30 Oklahoma State 24.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Oklahoma is averaging 28 points per game. I think the Cyclones can contain them. No idea if Iowa State can get to 14 plus points. Nothing to lose, though. Oklahoma 31 Iowa State 16.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – We’ve seen a resurgence under USC since Kiffin was canned but the competition in that run hasn’t been the best, I’ll roll with Stanford. 

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Heard someone last week saying that Gus Malzahn has done an amazing job in being able to have such success with the same players that Chizik took to a 3-9 year in 2012. No offense to Malzahn but that is more of an indicator of how bad of a coach Gene Chizik has been. Good recruiter though. Tigers.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – After the last few weeks I’m picking the Wizard’s Wildcats.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – Ummm…West Virginia has really struggled on the road but Kansas has struggled everywhere. Mountaineers….I guess?

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27) – I will never doubt Baylor again (unless Scott Drew is involved). Except for when they go to Stillwater where I think the Cowboys may pick them off. Da Bears.

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Somehow Texas has not lost a conference game yet, which would’ve been weird to predict a couple months ago. Cowboys.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5 – I really wish I could pick ISU to cover. The style matches up a little better in terms of preventing the blowout if the offense can do anything, at all. I’ve really been lamenting this season how unlucky ISU’s timing has been. If only last year’s team was our team for this season I would feel like a breakout year could’ve been had…instead of the tough slate last year with the close losses. Sooners.


Stanford (-3.5) @ USC – Stanford is to physical for USC and should wear them down.  Stanford by 10

Georgia @ Auburn (-3.5) – Georgia covers.

TCU @ Kansas State (-10.5) – KSU has really turned into a good ball club. I don’t get this line at all.  I see K-State winning by 20 plus.

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Kansas – Kansas.  Why?  I don’t know.  But, Kansas

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (-27)  – One of these days Baylor won’t cover these crazy lines…right?  Tech covers. 

Oklahoma State (-3) @ Texas – Oklahoma State finally gives my Big 12 pick Texas their first loss.  OSU covers

Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Oklahoma covers as ISU continues to struggle to score.