CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 3

Current Standings

Chris Hassel, 9-3
Bret Culbertson, 8-4
Jack Whitver, 8-4
Austen Arnaud, 7-5
Adam Carper, 7-5
Brett McIntyre, 6-6
Andrew Downs, 6-6
Dave Zawilinski, 6-6
Brent Blum, 5-7
Trevor Enerson, 5-7
Chris Williams, 3-9
Adam Gray, 3-9
Kirk Haaland, 3-9


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – Why the hell would I take Texas to cover against a ranked team after giving up 978 rushing yards to BYU? I don’t know. But I’m doing it. 

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Boy that’s a lot of points. OU has a QB situation, but Tulsa lost to Bowling Green, by 27! Sooners cover. 

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – I’d need at least 14 points to take A&M in this one. Revenge is a dish best served HOT in the 95-degree Texas sun. Bama cruises. 

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – Jim Mora Jr vs. Bo Pelini. That’s a lot of smugness for one football field. Huskers should cover. And Nebraska girls are ugly. 

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Interesting game. I like the frat boys from ASU to cover the points. 

Iowa @ Iowa State  – Both teams are bad. The Hawkeyes are less bad. Iowa takes the Pewter Family trophy back east.


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – A few weeks ago I would have gone with the Longhorns no doubt. No one really has any idea what’s going to happen defensively with a mid-season coaching change. Ole Miss upset.

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – I believe it. OU covers.

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – Texas A&M beats the spread, but Alabama still wins. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. Any Manziel fans in the house? I didn’t think so. Hopefully integrity is a Heisman prerequisite this year.

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – I’d like to see a Bruins upset, but I think Nebraska wins by a TD.

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Wisconsin upset.

Iowa @ Iowa State  – I coached U6 soccer yesterday and half of the parents on the sideline had on Hawk shirts. As any good coach or educator would, I used it as a teaching moment and made their kids break practice with a "Go Cyclones".  Prejudice aside, I do feel the Clones are in a better position to win, but it’s going to be a close one. C’mon D!  Looking forward to packing the Jack.


Mississippi @ Texas (- 4.5) – Texas bounces back at home, beats a talented but young Ole Miss team by a TD.

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) Tulsa – OU burned me last week with an anemic offense. Until they figure out the QB position, they might not score 24 points, let alone cover 24.

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – Alabama. I have never rooted for a Nick Saban team, but when they are playing Johnny Maziel, Saturday will be the first. Revenge is a bear, and Alabama will be ready to go.

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – UCLA goes into Memorial Stadium and wins outright in a shoot out.

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Sun Devils take care of business at home.

Iowa @ Iowa State – My head says ISU won’t stop the Hawkeye rushing attack, but my heart won’t pick against Iowa State…Cyclones win with a great home field advantage at Jack Trice under the lights (and after a full day of tailgating).


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – I was wrong on Texas last week, no doubt about it. This week David Ash is out, the fan base is more than disgruntled, and Manny Diaz (Texas DC) was fired this week. And to add to this Hugh Freeze and the Rebels have a very good football team. Ole Miss goes into Austin and wins by at least a TD. 

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, OU at home early in the year, there arent many teams better.  Also, against a roughed up Tulsa team?  Sooners roll.

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – The game from last year has been playing over and over on the video screens in the weight room at Alabama. Bama will be ready to play this game, Manziel looks great but his counter part AJ McCarron, I believe is this years Heisman. Bama controls the tempo and suffocates this A&M team. Bama 38-27.

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – UCLA has a potential Heisman candidate in Brett Hundley, Nebraska knows this from last year as he carved them up out in LA. Nebraska’s defense this year is going to struggle and this is only the start. UCLA wins by a TD in Lincoln.

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Ask Hawk fans how they like this game, 9:30 kick in the desert. AZ State has a ton of talent and is a legitimate contender to Oregon and Stanford this year on the PAC 12. Sun Devils 41-28.

Iowa @ Iowa State – Not the usual hype to your CyHawk series, here. The feeling of mediocrity has sunk in with the performances of both teams early in the season. But "they" say the biggest improvement is made from game 1 to 2. Ernst Brun has got to be a large part of this game plan IMO. Physical LBs from Iowa will be trying to re-route these inside receivers/TEs for the Cyclones, and if they are successful Iowa State has no chance. Sam Richardson will find his old buddy from last season, EB and the Cyclones go with the 3-peat of the Hawks. 20-19


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – Can’t imagine Texas players mentally overcoming that BYU beatdown from a week ago especially with an SEC team coming to town.  Ole Miss covers. 

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – The Belldozer is starting Saturday for the Sooners = Tulsa covers.

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – Game will be decided within a TD, Aggies cover. 

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – The Bruins embarrassed Nebraska last year racking up over 600 yards against the Blackshirts, but as of late, that feat isn’t all that abnormal.  Bruins too explosive on both sides and cover. 

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – We all know what happens to Big Ten teams that travel to the desert in September.  ASU wins and covers.

Iowa @ Iowa State – Interested to see how Jake Rudock handles his first away game in a hostile environment.  Getting pressure on him early and winning the turnover battle will be key.  Trophy stays in Ames for another year!


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – Mississippi. Texas is out of control. And that’s even with most not even realizing that New Mexico St(!) had them down 7-0 with less than 2 minutes left in the opening half of the season, before the BYU debacle!

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Tulsa. 24.5 is too many points to cover for an Oklahoma offense that A) isn’t working to begin with, and B) is forced to turn back to the "Belldozer" this week due to injuries.

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Texas A&M. Not sure I can fathom somebody taking down Alabama twice in a row AND giving Alabama two weeks to prepare for it, but A&M covers.

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – UCLA. Southern Miss is a bad, bad team. Not buying any Nebbie improvement for a second.

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Arizona State. The Big Ten going west early (especially Wisconsin) usually doesn’t end well.

Iowa @ Iowa State – Iowa State. I picked Iowa over the Clones once in the ISU Daily. In 2005. I think Nik Moser is still ticked at me.


Mississippi over Texas (-4.5) – The Longhorns are down a defensive coordinator and maybe a quarterback. Ole Miss puts Mack Brown on the hot seat. 

Oklahoma (-24.5) over Tulsa – Tulsa gets caught looking ahead to their game against the Cyclones, Oklahoma rolls.

Alabama (-7.5) over Texas A&M – What may be Nick Saban’s best defense yet puts a hurting on Johnny Football, Alabama marches toward another BCS title.

UCLA over Nebraska (-4.5) – An emotional Bruins team honors a fallen teammate and wins a close game late.

Arizona State (-5.5) over Wisconsin – I can’t bring myself to pick the Badgers. Ever.

Iowa over Iowa State. A good game between teams that aren’t, Sam Richardson finds plenty of holes in the Hawkeye secondary but Iowa’s power running game proves to be too much. Hawks by 3.


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – I think Texas rebounds.  They have to right?

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Tulsa is HORRIBLE. lay the points. 

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – ROLL TIDE ROLL. Bama by 17. At least.  

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – UCLA will get a big road win outright. 

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – See UCLA. Wisconsin is legit.  Getting the points here is a plus.  

Iowa @ Iowa State  – I seriously have no clue. I wouldn’t be surprised if if either school won by three touchdowns. I’ll take the Hawks.


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) — That Longhorn run defense last week would even make Wayne Bolt cringe. Horns can’t be that bad, they just can’t. Texas 35 Mississippi 21.

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) — Tulsa has defeated one Big 12 team in last 15 years….I think you know who they beat. The Golden Hurricane stay within the number. Oklahoma 34 Tulsa 14.

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M — Johnny Manziel goes full WWE villian mode and throws 5 interceptions. As the game clock hits zero, he rips off his A&M jersey to reveal a Bama jersey. He and Saban embrace at midfield to form an evil duo. Alabama 34 Texas A&M 24.

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – Pretty sure Taylor Martinez quarterbacked the Huskers in the Marv Seiler game, that cat has been there forever. Nebraska 30 UCLA 21.

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Wisconsin fans in warm Tempe weather = drunkards. Badgers are feisty enough to keep it within a touchdown. Arizona State 24 Wisconsin 21.

Iowa @ Iowa State – In the Rhoads era, the winner of the rushing battle between these two squads is 4-0. That’s the story again this year; Iowa State finds some rhythm on offense and Wally finds a way to slow down Weisman. Cyclones 27 Iowa 24.


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – Ole Miss has too much young talent here. Ole Miss not only covers, but wins. 

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – I hate big spreads. I have to take OU to cover here, though.

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – Nick Saban is going to absolutely demolish Manziel’s year here. This is going to be the beginning of the end. Bama by at least 20. 

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – UCLA has a solid QB, solid RB and a solid WR, right? Right. UCLA rolls. 

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – I think Wisconsin’s physicality here will be too much. They cover.

Iowa @ Iowa State – I don’t know. If it hadn’t happened once before i would say say ISU wins kicking five field goals. I can’t say that, though since it happened so I’ll say Devondrick Nealy has his coming out party, rushes for 100 yards and ISU wins 24-17. 


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Texas fooled me for the third year in a row with last week’s embarassing output vs. BYU. I’m over the Longhorns. Ole Miss wins this game. 

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – I assume you all watched Thursday night’s TCU/Tech game right? Yeah. The Big 12 is way down this year folks. Tulsa covers here. 

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – If Alabama doesn’t cover this spread, Blum has to run endzone to endzone at Trice naked during the Texas game. 

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – Nebraska’s defense has looked as bad as Texas’ early this season. I’ll take UCLA and the points. 

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Big Ten team heads west….it never ends well. ASU covers. 

Iowa @ Iowa State – Cyclones 31, Hawkeyes 27


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5)  – My Texas pick is not looking good at all.  But I can’t jump off the bandwagon yet. The team has to respond after an embarrassing beat down. Give me Texas 34-27

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – I was leaning towards Tulsa but I don’t think they can score on OU and the Sooners have something to prove after a poor showing last week.  38-10 OU

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – Hate Saban and Bama but he’s the best at shutting down good players.  Give me Bama 38-20

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – Nebraska’s defense would make Iowa State’s offense look legit.  UCLA covers and wins 41-35

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – That’s a tough road game for Wisconsin.  I like the Sun Devils 28-21

Iowa @ Iowa State –  Iowa State’s offense still struggles but the defense shores up some things and limits Iowa’s scoring.  ISU wins 20-13


Mississippi @ Texas (-4.5) – I watched BYU do whatever it wanted to the Longhorns last week so I cannot pick the Longhorns in good conscience…but UT has been a team that I get burned by repeatedly. So I’ll go reverse psychology and take Texas.

Tulsa @ Oklahoma (-24.5) – Oklahoma’s offense struggled against West Virginia and Tulsa was rail roaded by Bowling Green in week one…But I can’t lay that many points. Tulsa.

Alabama (-7.5) @ Texas A&M – Alabama. Because.

UCLA @ Nebraska (-4.5) – At home I have to take the Huskers even with the Bruins and their high scoring offense.

Wisconsin @ Arizona State (-5.5) – Travelling west is never an easy gig especially for a late game. Arizona State.

Iowa @ Iowa State – A pick ’em game in Ames and I’m a Cyclone fan. I can’t help myself, I have to pick my team. I feel like it is a total crap shoot and yes, it could be a battle of eventual 4-8 teams but I think the Cyclones will improve where they struggled the most in week one on things like tackling and sustaining drives. And, it is the Cyclones Super Bowl. Iowa State 20-16.