CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 14

Current Standings

Chris Williams, 52-28
Adam Carper, 46-34
Bret Culbertson, 44-36
Dave Zawilinski, 44-36
Brent Blum, 44-36
Adam Gray, 43-37
Bret Meyer, 41-39
Kirk Haaland, 41-39
Chris Hassel, 38-42
Trevor Enerson, 36-44
Austen Arnaud, 33-47

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher Chris Williams

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – Two teams who in August, I thought were underrated. I liked OSU in the top four of the Big 12 then and I still do today. Baylor is a 6-6 type of football team. Give me the Cowboys by a touchdown. They’ll win and cover but it won’t be easy. 

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – A very, very difficult game to pick. With Texas, it’s hard to know what to expect from one week to the next. It just seems like Texas always plays well on the road when they shouldn’t. However, the fact that Collin Klein is potentially playing for his Heisman hopes and KSU still has a ton to shoot for, I like old man Snyder to pile on the points. I’ll take the Cats. 

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – Another very difficult game to get a read on. Both teams have been hard on  gamblers all season long. I’ll take the Sooners by a touchdown. 

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – As much as I hate to do it, I’ve got a competition to win here. Give me the Skerrzzzzzz. 

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – This could get nasty folks. Just straight nasty. FSU. 

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia – This line has stayed pretty solid all week. Action on both sides. I’m just going to go with my gut and take the Dogs to cover and maybe win. 

Former Iowa State linebacker Adam Carper

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – Okie State

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – Bill Snyder will not hesitate to pile on the points against Mack Brown at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Bill Snyder’s team covers.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – Coming off a big win to Texas last week, Gary Patterson will again get his team ready to play against the Sooners.  TCU

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – It’s hard to beat a team two times in a year (just ask LSU last year) but the Badgers are too banged up and Rex Burkhead is back for the Huskers.  Nebraska covers.

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – Don’t know much about GT this year but I think their triple option offense will confuse the Seminoles enough to keep it close.  GT.

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia – Saban > Richt

Former Iowa State kicker Bret Culbertson

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – I was sure Okie State would upset the Sooners last week. I’ll take them again this week. The Cowboys easily cover the spread.

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – K-State by two touchdowns.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – Sooners.

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – Big Red covers.

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – Congrats to FSU kicker D-Hop for rewriting the NCAA record books this year.  If he’s not the first draft eligible kicker to get a signing bonus come April, the world is coming to an end. Go get your Groza brother.  FSU covers in an easy ACC Championship win. 

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia – Alabama covers.

ABC 5 Sports Director Dave Zawilinski 

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – OSU has been strong all season. Stronger than I have expected.  They will beat Baylor like KSU should have. OSU covers.

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – 11 seams like too many points.  I’ll take the bait and the Longhorns.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – I think TCU has the chance to pull off the upset here.  Horned Frogs with the points.

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – Nebraska won game one and they’ll win game two. The Badgers have just one win vs. a team with a winning record. That is Utah St. Welcome to the Big Ten title game.

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – FSU ALL OVER Ga. Tech.

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia – Much like the Texas, Kansas St. game, seven seams like a lot of points. I’ll take the bait again and go with UGA.

Cyclone Fanatic Columnist Brent Blum

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – Ask yourself this: can the abomination known as the Baylor defense really win three games in a row? That’s kind of what I’m thinking. No chance. Oklahoma State 45 Baylor 35.

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – Texas has more lapses than Lindsay Lohan. The effort against TCU was the equivalent of Lohan’s recent arrest at a nightclub. Not good. That said, they are both somewhat talented. I think the Horns keep this interesting. K-State 30 Texas 24.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – This is Landry Jones’ final game in the Big 12. Just to think he started his first game as a Sooner PJB–pre Justin Bieber. TCU doesn’t have the firepower to hang. Oklahoma 34 TCU 21.

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – I would actually like to see the two head coaches in this game have a hell in the cell match where they both lose. Not my two favorites. But since that is unlikely, Nebraska wins and the massive trek west to the Rose Bowl by the Huskers is reminiscent of the Dust Bowl days, lack of technology included. 

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – Quit televising your championship game ACC, you are embarrassing yourself! I have written this the last two years about this game in this same CF Pick ‘Em location: "Has there ever been a compelling ACC title game? It’s a lot like those times you are flipping channels and stumble upon Wedding Crashers on TBS. “Oh, didn’t know this was on, I may watch for a few minutes.” Then it fails to capture your attention and you move on to something else. That’s what the ACC is like." Glad to see not much has changed. Florida State 34 Georgia Tech 17.

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia –  This at the very least will be entertaining. Alabama has a few more weapons however. Alabama 27 Georgia 17. 

Cyclone Fanatic Sales Director Adam Gray

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – I think Okie State is playing great football right now and Baylor is due for a let down after 2 straight emotional wins.  Okie State 51-40

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) –  That’s a lot of points.  Texas hasn’t played good football lately but I still think they have enough to keep this close.  KState wins 31-24

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU –  I’m going to get an Oklahoma game right one of these days.  They have to much to play for and I think they go down to TCU and win big.  OU 48-24

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – Nebraska had a big comeback win against Wisconsin earlier this year. I think Wisconsin gets payback and the Big 10 sends a really average team to the Rose Bowl to get beat.  Wisconsin 31-30

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech –  Florida State let their game last week slip away. Yet, they still are playing for a BCS game. I think their defense shuts down GT and they win big.  41-10

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia –  I hope I’m wrong.  The thought of seeing Bama in another title game makes me ill but at this point, can you pick against Saban in these games?  Give me Alabama 27-13

Former Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – Baylor

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – Texas

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – OU covers

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – Nebraska covers

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – FSU covers

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia – Georgia. 

enCYCLONEpedia’s Kirk Haaland

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – Pokes…they’ve been playing very well recently and almost got the Sooners in Norman last week.

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – I think KSU gets back on track but I think 11 points is too much, Horns cover.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – The Sooners have had two very close wins in recent weeks and they don’t seem to be playing at peak level right now…I’ll take them to cover anyway. 

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – Huskers…I guess.

Florida State (-14) vs Georgia Tech – No way do I trust the ‘Noles with a number that big, Jackets cover.

Alabama (-7) vs Georgia – Tide wins, Bulldogs cover.

WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – Cowboys are playing really well right now. I like the Pokes to cover. 

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) –  I am betting that Texas will rebound from last week’s loss. Horns may not win but they should cover. 

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – Sooners have too much talent and too much to play for. OU covers. 

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – This one should be close. Real close. Wisconsin hasn’t lost a game by more than one possession in years. I’m picking Wisky to upset the Huskers. 

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – GT can’t throw it. Bad news if FSU jumps all over the Jackets early. FSU covers. 

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia – I hope this one is close but I have a feeling the Tide will roll. Bama by double digits. 

The Voice of the Fan, Trevor Enerson

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – OSU has to much fire power and defense for Baylor to play close. OSU covers 56-35. 

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – I thought UT would win this game before and I still do. I just think that defense has enough talent to stop the KSU offense and they have enough of a running game to control the ball a little. I wouldn’t be surprised by a KSU win but I think UT wins a close one 24-21

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – Doesn’t seem like enough points here. OU wins going away 45-27

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – I think Taylor Martinez is the difference and wins Nebby this game. Close but they cover 31-24. 

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – FSU is good and GT is not. FSU covers 38-21

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia-Give me the upset. Georgia gets itself into the National title in a thriller. 24-21

Former Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud

Oklahoma State (-4.5) @ Baylor – The over/under can’t be high enough in this one. I like Baylor to score last to win this one at home.

Texas @ Kansas State (-11) – I like Kansas State to cover this one. Last week the Longhorns looked very inefficient on offense and in order for them to be in this game they will have to score. Texas is struggling again at the QB spot and that doesn’t help against this advantageous Wiildcat secondary.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ TCU – TCU has faired better than I thought for a team with so many off the field problems in the past year, however I don’t think they have enough firepower on offense to hang with Landry Jones and the Sooners. The only way TCU wins this game is if its a low scoring affair, but I think OU covers. 

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin – The last time these two teams met it was a tale of two halves, each team not playing a complete game. What’s different this time? Simple, Rex Burkhead. He is back and almost 100% healthy. With Butkhead, Martinez, and Abdullah all healthy and together in the same backfield that will be very tough to stop. NU covers. 

Florida State (-14) vs. Georgia Tech – One week for Florida Stare to prepare for this potent rush attack of Georgia Tech isn’t enough. Florida State gave up a lot of yards to Florida on the ground last week. I am not saying the Yellow Jackets are Florida but it will be a tough scheme to defend. GT covers.

Alabama (-7) vs. Georgia – I want to see a foot football game between these two SEC foes. Therefore, seven points is too much! I like Georgia to cover and give the Tide a good game. Aaron Murray is the most efficient passer in the country if the Bulldog O-Line can give him time, Georgia has nearly the same caliber of athletes as Bama. UGA covers.