CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 14


Chris Hassel, 48-33
Adam Carper, 45-36
Bret Culbertson, 44-37
Jack Whitver, 41-40
Dave Zawilinski, 40-41
Austen Arnaud, 38-43
Andrew Downs, 37-44
Brett McIntyre, 37-44
Trevor Enerson, 36-45
Chris Williams, 36-45
Brent Blum, 36-45
Kirk Haaland, 36-45
Adam Gray, 36-45


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Would be surprised if Iowa won this one. I’ll take the Fuskers.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – aTm looked terrible against LSU. Worst defense in country. Mizzou should be able to cover. 

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – Bama has outscored Auburn by 77 the last two seasons. Tide roll to SEC title game. 

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – The Trojans are hot. USC covers.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Horns. 

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – Baylor bounces back in a big way.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – WVU lost to KU. KU lost to ISU. ISU > WVU.


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Improved Husker defense gets to Rudock early and win by a TD.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – Outside of that daunting loss to South Carolina, Mizzou has rolled through their SEC schedule and I think that continues as they cover at home. 

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn  – Roll Tide!

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – With Marqise Lee back, I like the Trojans to cover. 

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – We all know Tech will put up some points but their defense can’t stop nosebleed. Longhorns

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – After last week’s hiccup to Okie State, Baylor comes back and blasts TCU.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – How West Virginia ever beat Oklahoma State earlier in the year still baffles me.  With nothing riding on the line for either team, this game is all about pride and effort.  You know Rhoads will get his team ready and for that, I like the Clones to win outright.  


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Nebraska’s Pat Smith went 3 of 3 last week with two game-winners in Happy Valley. Yes, I said two game-winners. Despite putting one through with a false start call, the re-kick from five yards farther looked even prettier. The guy walked-on at Mizzou, transferred to Western Illinois, then transferred to Nebraska for his senior year to get a shot on the big stage. If there’s a reason to cheer for Nebraska, it’s Pat Smith. That brings me to my point… Pat Smith FG to win, Nebraska covers at home.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5)- Let’s give credit where credit is due, and this case, the SEC gets zero credit for these two teams until a few more recruiting classes pass through. I’m going with a field goal win by Mizzou in the battle of the Big 12 ex-girlfriends. A&M covers.

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – This game is pretty much a college kicker/punter all-star game. Auburn’s Cody Parkey may be one of the most underrated kickers on the planet when it comes to draft boards. The guy has a freaky kickoff leg. Cade Foster holds his own as well. There’s a reason Alabama recruited punter Cody Mandell, and it’s paid off in every way. Auburn’s Steven Clark performs just as well as Mandell. All of these guys could be in NFL training camps next year. Anyway, let me give you what you game for…I’m picking Gus to cover.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – I’ll go with USC covering at home. UCLA puts up a fight though.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Here’s tough one. I’m giving Texas a home-field advantage by a touchdown.

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – I understand Baylor took a huge hit last week, but TCU isn’t Oklahoma State. TCU is a four win team with all coming form below average football teams. I’d expect Baylor to come back in their regular shellacking fashion. Bears cover.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – The Clones will keep on rolling after last week. Rhoads brings home a win. 


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Nebraska loses game, Pelini loses his job. Iowa wins straight up.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – Mizzou continues a great year with a win at home, but A&M covers.

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – That is a lot of points for a SEC rivalry game, especially on the road. Auburn covers.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) –  USC continues a remarkable turnaround. If they win out, they could win 11 games in a year where their head coach was fired in the middle of the season. Unbelievable. USC wins big at home.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – TT has fallen apart over the past month and a half…UT covers at home.

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – Extremely tough loss last week for the Bears…they come out on a mission, dominate and cover.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) –  WV comes out slow after the bye week…ISU wins straight up in Morgantown!


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Gut Nebraska.       Pick Iowa

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – A&M.          Missouri

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – Alabama.        Auburn

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – UCLA.          USC

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Texas.               Tech

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – I don’t care what my gut says.  I’m going with Baylor.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – ISU            WVU.


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Toss up here. I’ll take the home team. Somehow Nebraska is finding ways to win tight games. Abdullah staistically is the best back in the league. I’ll take nebraska in the home finale to cover the 3. The most interesting part of this game is that Bo Pelini has a chance at winning 9 regular season games and he could be fired (Solich all over again).

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – Missouri’s defense is the real deal! The weather is not ideal for a late kick in Columbia. Mizzou’s balanced attack on offense will play a big role in this game. I believe Henry Josey is very effective on Saturday and the Tigers win and cover, keeping the ball away from Manziel too much.

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn –  Neutral site and remember Auburn barely squeaked by Washington St, Miss St, and Georgia. Bama is too physical for the tigers and win by 2 TDs… Early call, McCarron wins the Lifetime Achivement Award aka his Heisman. Famous Jameis looks like he will be charged and automatically suspended per university rule.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – Wrong time of the year for the Bruins to be losing games but USC is hot. I like the Trojans to cover and then some. This defense for the Trojans is playing extremely hard right now, will "Coach O" be removed of the "interim" tag. He sure has made a solid case to Pat Haden, here.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Boy, how the Big XII landscape can change. These two teams are testament to that in the last month. This will be a good game after both teams had a week rest to prepare. I like Tech to win oOutright, Oklahoma State exposed this Texas team. Tech takes that blueprint and beats the Horns in Austin. Sorry, Mack. 

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – Baylor is a lot more banged up than most people know and that was shown against okie state last week. However I like them to bounce back here against a offense-less TCU team. Baylor buy a million.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – The senior leaders have to take this road trip and form it into a great effort. All the excuses are on the table: thanksgiving break, final home victory, no bowl game, etc. Will the cyclones use these as determination? I believe they will, look for an emotional performance out of a few key guys: Jeremiah George, Shontrelle, Deon Broomfield, and Jacques Washington. Cyclones cover in the finale. 


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Iowa. Hawks turned a corner in the second half against Michigan, and I think we see their first complete game in a while.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – A&M. Nobody knows who should win the Heisman…Johnny Football makes his case in the Aggies’ first win over a good team.

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – Bama. In January, Alabama will prove that they are the best team in the country. Saturday, they’ll prove that they are the best team in the state.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – USC. The case for keeping Ed Orgeron is made stronger with a win over a rival.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Texas. Give me the home team.

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – TCU. Baylor’s season ended last weekend. They might not lose, but it won’t be a blowout.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – ISU. I’ve been waiting for the Cyclones to prove me wrong, and they finally did against Kansas. I like them to win outright, putting a positive ending on a rough season. 


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Nebraska. Tough matchup on the road on Senior Day for Iowa.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) –A&M. Mizzou has had a huge year but honestly I’m not sure they have a "prove it" win yet.

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – Bama. Nobody has come close to derailing them. Neither will Auburn.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – USC. Coach O keeps the head coach situation interesting.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Texas. Red raiders have slowed considerably from their impressive start.

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – Baylor. Bears take out their frustration.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – West Virginia. I think ISU will be within a play or two late, but WV has been a different team at home. Good news is I haven’t had a decent read on a WVU game yet this year.

The Voice of the Fan, Trevor Enerson 

Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Iowa wins outright

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) –  I have to take Johnny Football here. 

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – Auburn covers and has a great chance to win. 

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – USC is much improved. I’ll take them. 

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Give me Texas. 

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – Baylor covers easily. 

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – Iowa State covers and could win


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Nebraska. 

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – Texas A&M

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – Alabama 

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – USC 

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Texas 

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – Baylor 

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – Iowa State wins


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – Nebraska 28 Iowa 21. Bo Pelini kind of looks like a turkey.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – Missouri 34 Texas A&M 25. Johnny Manziel runs around like a turkey.

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – Nick Saban would pardon a turkey and then take them out behind the woodshed and slaughter them. Ruthless. Alabama 35 Auburn 14.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – Ed Orgeron has eaten a lot of turkey. UCLA 31 USC 24.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Kliff Kingsbury probably eats salmon on Thanksgiving instead of turkey. Too cool. Texas 34 Texas Tech 24.

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – When a Frog meets a Bear on Turkey weekend, chaos. Baylor 31 TCU 21.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – I’m looking forward to seeing how they cook turkey in Morgantown. Pan seared with a side of burnt couch I assume. These two played a fantastic game a year ago, I think it’s competitive once more. Why not Iowa State. Iowa State 27 West Virginia 24.


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – I like the way Iowa is playing right now but I think the Huskers get them again.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – Still weird that this is an SEC game. The Mighty Manziels may not win but they will cover.

Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – I think (or hope) that Auburn will pick of the tide at home and make the national title game even more chaotic.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – Trojans.

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – I don’t trust the Longhorns but at home I’ll roll with them anyway.

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – TCU may defend Baylor admirably but they won’t be able to score and the Bears will still put up a fair amount of points. Bears bounce back.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – Clones. West Virginia has been solid at home but I think they are a team and style that Iowa State can match up with. ISU may not win but I do think they cover in the finale of the 2013 season.


Iowa @ Nebraska (-3) – I’ve been down on Nebraska and their defense all year but I think they play well in their home finale and beat Iowa by 7.

Texas A&M @ Missouri (-4.5) – Give me A&M to cover in the battle of the old Big 12 teams

 Alabama (-10.5) @ Auburn – I really hope Auburn wins, but I just don’t see it.  I’ll take Bama to win by 13.

UCLA @ USC (-3.5) – I’ll take UCLA to cover.  

Texas Tech @ Texas (-4) – Just like that my Texas Longhorns pick is back in play.  I think the week off was good for this team and they win at home by 13.

Baylor (-12.5) @ TCU – This line seems ridiculously low.  I think Baylor wins by 30+

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-9.5) – It was great to see a win this past weekend and I think ISU has played better the last two weeks.  So with that I will take ISU to cover.